Loki: A God of Life

I would like to precurse this article with the very clear idea that I am not discussing Marvel Loki. I am talking about Loki the God-the “mythical” entity. He has many titles, and I won’t get into all of them, but loosely and most specifically as I see him most often The God of Dynamic Change (not necessarily chaos). I think the Gods get pigeon holed into their most famous aspects by the casual observer, and if there is a god that laughs in the face of clear definitions it is He. I am going to discuss these ideas based on my UPG (unverified personal gnosis) with Him, and no I don’t know all of the lore or even care that I don’t know all of the lore. I wasn’t a Heathen before I started working with and having a relationship with Loki and I suspect I will always be a rhombus trying to fit in a screw hole if I ever try to wear the mantle of Heathenry. I am also not a godspouse or a god consort, currently. I would say I don’t have aspirations in that direction, but whether or not I have aspirations doesn’t mean I will never come face to face with the issue. Not in my hands, exactly, or maybe I should rather say completely. I don’t feel that this invalidates my opinions and ideas, but I felt the need to clarify all of this from the beginning.

I find Loki to be a particularly respectful god. He is respectful of me as a person and of me as a thinker. I have a great respect for His impetuous intelligence and I feel an echoing enjoyment of these qualities in myself. He is respectful of personal will and personal space unless it runs completely counter to something He wants BADLY or something that would make my life better. I’m slowly coming to realize that there are elements in the world that can see further than I can, and the Gods are certainly one of them. I suspect He realizes I wouldn’t react well to certain bullying tactics and perhaps that is why I’ve never seen much of His darker side, which I am quite certain, exists. I’ve heard others speak of it repeatedly and where there is smoke there is usually fire. There are times when I certainly have the sizzle of fear that comes with the thought of holding a Tiger’s tail. Other than asking for omens I have refrained from anything I would consider topical and abusive of a divine relationship. I haven’t yet set up a sustained (i.e. planned out) devotional practice for Him, so I haven’t specifically asked anything of Him either. I don’t think He of all the gods, would mind the fact that I am not usually a plodding predictable person in such things, so I’m working on going with my gut and giving offerings when the mood strikes as a good time. I believe there should be give and take in these sorts of relationships and I don’t want to take, take, take and never give. I have, however, welcomed him into my life even though I have not oathed myself to his service (and may never do so).

I’ve been thinking of Loki as a God of Life as wells as a God of Dynamic Change and a God of Chaos. Life is not stagnation. Life ebbs and flows and isn’t the same from one second to the next. Even if I stand still my body percolates and jumps and twitches and metabolizes without a by your leave from me. Change is wholly necessary for life.


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