That Antsy Feeling

The energy is stirred up a bit around here tonight giving me that hemmed in feeling that comes with too much sensory input and nothing to do with the excess excitement other than stare at the walls. I don’t get the feeling that it is “God/dess” driven. Certainly nothing to do with Loki, though maybe I speak too quickly on that account. Sometimes it seems I only need think of Him and I get a tap to remind me that He is around and about, even if I’m not the focus of his attention.A naturally occurring energy excess seems to be welling up-the house and the woods fairly pulse with it.

Oh, well, that settles that. I just checked the lunar phase and it is the full moon. Question answered. I still don’t know what to do with the bursting full feeling settling in on my chest tonight other than perhaps write or wait for my lover to come home and churn these energy quakes into something more pleasurable. Going out to burn it off isn’t really an option. Probably a good thing, that. The vibes in the air have a madness quality that is far too enticing-a “throw-everything-to-the-wind”ness that generally comes back to bite me on the ass later.



4 thoughts on “That Antsy Feeling

    • Oh, yeah. It’s the kind of energy that would have had me going home with a stranger (without knowing he isn’t a serial killer) in a different life. You know, one where I’m not quite happily entangled.

      • It makes me wish I had a sword to swing around (and room to do it, lol) For whatever reason, I feel like stalking, slicing, pouncing, and or all of the above, lol, just being powerful and dangerous and fun.

  1. It’s the excess energy. I know exactly what you are talking about. For me it either goes the way you are talking about or somehow gets converted into something entirely sexual, though not necessarily any less vicious. *grimaces* Makes me wish I had someone around who enjoys the occasional slap even though I’m not usually like that. *smiles* I wish I could have a bonfire and dance around outside under the stars. It’s too damned cold here to do that anyway though, even if I could.

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