Listen to the Gods: The First Time Is Preferrable

I’ve had this feeling lately that I’m standing on a precipice of a large working that I need to undergo to begin a new path working with the Gods. I feel like they’re waiting for me to be a bit healthier and more stable before the work begins, and a lot of that is in my hands. Almost like getting a check up before starting a rigorous new work out they’ve been telling me steadily, or at least Loki has (though I sense some frustration), that I need to stop doing all of the things that make me feel bad physically.

Since February he has been harping on coffee. (He has also been hating on my metric shit ton of sugar consumption as well, but that’s another talky, talk.) “You shouldn’t be doing things to your body that you know for a fact are bad for you. You already know this, why do you even need me to mention it?” Says Himself with minimum levels of snark. NOW, the quickest way for anyone to make themselves unfriendly to me is to threaten my coffee in any form. I was already aware that it didn’t do happy things to me, but I like the taste and I like the smell and I enjoy everything about every other part of the bitter brew. I especially like mixing flavorful sweet beverages with it. In another life I was a barista and damn happy about it.

I’ve been promising myself I will give it up after I finish all of the coffee in the house, even though I’ve been getting increasingly louder and louder “What the hell are you doing?” grumblings from the God quarter every time I do so. Yesterday, I had one cup of coffee. I cocked that mental ear, that part of myself that can pick up on the God front (people call it a Godphone, but to me that makes it seem like something that isn’t part of myself and it most definitely is). Nothing. Crickets. Silence. On purpose silence. OH, I was getting the silent treatment. I shrugged and went about my day. After consuming it I started feeling worse and worse and worse-to the point where I was starting to contemplate an ER visit. Something tickled me and poked me. “Go check your blood pressure.” I was confused, but after I got this prompting, I realized that the feeling I had was the same as I’d had with some of the medical problems with my last pregnancy. I pulled out the Blood Pressure cuff I have and did all of the necessities to check it.

It was unreasonably high. To the point that I really perhaps SHOULD have gone to the ER, though I knew the caffeine in the coffee was responsible for this and it would come down with time. I had borderline high blood pressure after my last pregnancy, which I suspect will linger until I am at a lower weight (or I may need meds eventually). So…turns out, Dr. Loki was telling me all along that the coffee is going to make me pass out and have some serious, for real fucking problems.

I checked it again later in the afternoon when I was feeling better and I was in the approximate range of high normal, which is acceptable for not death.

Well, I’m listening now, like I should have the first time. I threw away the rest of the coffee in my house and all of the high caffeine tea. I’m still convinced there is something in coffee itself other than just the caffeine that makes me feel like crap, but I figured it would be better to be safe than sorry.

Hail Loki! Dr. God! Hail Loki! Giver of Shits!


4 thoughts on “Listen to the Gods: The First Time Is Preferrable

  1. Didn’t I tell you to listen to him or I’d send penguins to help him? I should send them with the sticks tomorrow so they can give you “you should have listened” pokings.

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