Being Discerning and the King of Dreams


This word gets tossed around a lot with UPG. You should make sure that what you are hearing is actually a god or actually something from the gods rather than something your brain cooked up on you. Sometimes this is easy to do. Sometimes the gong goes off and there has never been a more identifiable “other” moment than what you are experiencing RIGHT THIS INSTANT. Other times my experiences are much more subtle. I find that I have more problems figuring out if I am listening to my own mental chatter if I am dreaming. I’m beginning to think that when I am awoken by the dream, or by something that a player in the dream does that this is perhaps more likely to be a god interaction than otherwise.

The dream I am mulling over right now:

In this dream I am a wizard (not a witch) in the Harrypotterverse. I don’t look down and see a penis or lack of breasts or anything I just know I am a man. I’m at Hogwarts, but I’m not a student, and I’m Snape’s significant other. Something hinky and bad news worthy is going on and we’re being chased or are in some sort of cat and mouse situation. I’m hiding in the castle and my wand has been snapped. I’m not sure how it happened, but I’m freaking out about it because I now have no way to defend myself against the bad guys who are trying to find me. I’m hiding behind a pillar when someone comes up to me, an ally whose appearance is murky either because I don’t remember or it wasn’t useful to the dream, and hands me a branch that is half Holly, half Mistletoe (I can tell because the berries are still there and the wood is two different colors split in the middle). This ally also hands me a circlet/tiny wreath of the same odd hybrid wood. I remember staring at this small circlet stupidly, waving it around and shaking it, trying to figure out what it is for.
The young male ally says, “Sorry, Snape’s also lost his wand, but I couldn’t find another branch for him. Guess this will have to do.” He seems happy about this and scampers off ducking down and hiding. I shrug and ponder how this wreath will be helpful, but I proceed to hide and run about the castle looking for Snape. While I look, the small branch that I have becomes a single, smooth wood wand, but it fluctuates back and forth a bit between a branch and a wand as if it can’t settle.
Eventually I find Snape in a dark classroom without windows, presumably somewhere in the dungeons, and he hauls me into his arms to kiss me passionately. It is as if he never thought he would see me alive again. I push back from him and quickly fumble for the wreath of branches and hand it to him. He takes it in both hands and looks down at it surprised.
“I’m very sorry. This is all I have. I’m not sure it will be much good,” I say. He smirks looking at me with a raised brow and puts it on his head where it transforms into a very regal looking crown. It is gold and silver and shrinks back down into the wreath and then more solidly, and finally becomes the crown again.
At this point I wake up.

Upon waking it was clear to me that Loki was playing Snape for some reason. Perhaps because I’m an avid fan of the character, or because it is an easy face for him to pull from my brain. Or maybe it has something to do for my admiration of the cleverness and loyalty inherent in the character. I’m not sure.

Now, I’m trying to figure out for sure if this is something my brain stewed together because of some of the conversations I’ve been party to with some awesome friends who are Heathens (they are so much more than that, but simplicity wins here). I woke up, jolted out of sleep by the end of the dream, but it seemed very real and extremely lucid. I had control of my actions. I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t just a run of the mill dream.

What does it all mean?

I’ve never acknowledged Loki in a Kingly way, and then there are the implications of crowning him. I didn’t realize, exactly, that I was crowning him. Was he tricking me into recognizing him as my King? Not like, “Ha! I’ve got you!”, but muddling things in such a way that I am forced to see things in a new light?

And the Holly/Mistletoe aspect of the crown seems especially significant to me. They are both associated with winter and death to me, but also renewal. Winter is a deep sleep as opposed to true death. Perhaps I’ve acknowledged him as my King in a past life and I’m only reawakening to this now? Previously I’ve gotten feelings of being intimate friends, but never anything extremely loverly.

The crown was something simple and it  transformed into something extraordinary. I’m also getting that transformation, roughing out the diamond from the coal, is part of this dream.

I have a feeling this is all going to get a longer ponder.

And then we come back around to discernment. I’m fairly sure this is the very first dream, dream of mine that Loki has taken the impetus to wander into. (As far as I know.) He has made himself at home in my daydreams and as my Muse, so I guess I shouldn’t actually be surprised by this progression.


9 thoughts on “Being Discerning and the King of Dreams

  1. Doing some research and I’ve found that Holly is sacred to the Goddess Hel, daughter of Loki and Angrboda. Mistletoe is also referred to as Holy wood, has a male association and is associated with the element of air (Loptr) and was used to kill Baldr if I’m not mistaken. Holly repels evil and mistletoe is supposed to protect it’s possessor from “all evil”. It makes sense in the context of the dream that this might protect Snape/Loki then. In Scandanavia Mistletoe was a symbol of peace under which warring parties swore truce. Oddly enough both Mistletoe and Holly are said to be good woods of which to make wands.

    • Yup, mistletoe was used to kill Baldr. It was the one thing he wasn’t impervious (is that the right word? I’m too exhausted to be doing thinky things) too.

      • Yes, I believe impervious is the right word. LoL I think it was the only thing to not swear to not kill him.

      • Yeah, it was the only thing that didn’t swear not to kill him. His mother thought it was too little and weak to be of danger too him.

  2. Ki, there is an astral ‘Hogwarts’. While Potter characters do seem to be there, I have not yet found out if they are guises or actually who they are. I’ve met spirits who have been puzzled to discover they have incarnated as the Weasleys.
    I’ve met Snape several times. He was not Loki.

    It is totally possibly that Himself is using a disguise of course. I’m just warning you that there could be something larger at work here. I’ve met other Potter characters too. I can’t figure out if they are all incarnations of the books or not. I have a strong tie to the school but I don’t know if I can get answers. They are very Mysterious.

    They seem to have relations to the Greek deities though. Both Athena and Haides have referenced them.

    • Hmmm….that’s all good thinky thought stuff. I used to have a very strong interest in the Greek pantheon, especially with Athena. I was fairly convinced that I was dealing with Himself in guise (I believe at the time I’d been reading a LOT of Potter’verse.) Something to turn over in my brain. 🙂

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