Meeting the World Serpent or Thanks for Having Such Interesting Kids

My initial idea last night was to meditate for a few minutes. Just a few. I wanted to say that I’d done it. Kind of like rushing through your homework so that you can go out to play when you’re a kid. I know I should meditate daily, but sometimes I am just too tired or too brain dead by the end of the day (which is the only time I have to do so).

I turned on some light music, but it had words, so even when I sat down to meditate things didn’t go as smoothly as usual. I never mediate with music because I know it distracts me, but for one reason or the other I did this time. My meditation cycle was more like tuning into an old television set than the high def with surround sound I usually have.

I got flashes of a shape changer-fangs-a white mask slipping off-a large snake weaving and striking-

Fight or flight was trying to click on in my body. My immediate impulse was to run out on this. I was only going to mediate for a few minutes, anyway. I wasn’t going to do any heavy lifting tonight.

The time before this that I meditated Angrboda gave me a lesson in fear. I’d tossed it off as her having a bit of fun with me, but now I think she was preparing me. She’d pulled me into the primordial waters surrounding my temple (an area that I had never previously considered frightening) and laughed at my indignant sputters as I hauled myself out. She’d told me, in a haunting voice-she hadn’t been corporeal…err…well, whatever-, “We’re working on fear now, my dear.”

We’re working on fear. I sat through my fear instead of pulling completely out of my meditative state even though I fell a bit out of it. Then suddenly, again like turning a dial on an old television set, I was in my temple. I stripped, as per usual, and took a dip in the pool, and then he was there.

He was there in a humanoid form, and he hovered over me. For a moment the rolling energy reminded me of Loki, but it wasn’t He. Then the transformation began and I saw his face, such a massive snake. He slithered away from me, but his massive body-large as an ancient tree trunk-just kept sliding by me.

“Climb on,” he beckoned. So, I did. Somehow, even though he was moving I didn’t, and his large scales were incredibly stimulating. Satisfaction and chuckles were my impression of his mood, though he didn’t directly speak to me using a voice.

I’ve never come out of a meditation with a hungry need to finish what was started elsewhere, before. My, it was nice to finally meet you Jormungandr. I had trouble remembering your name until I actually met you.

Hail Angrboda! and Hail Loki! for having such pulse pounding children.

Other people said that to invite Loki into your life is to invite his entire family. It seems they aren’t wrong on that front. I’m not sure what lessons I will learn from the World Serpent, but I am intrigued.


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