Whisky Ritual

Do I have the salt? No, it’s in the bathroom. Do I have the whiskey? Yes. Do I have it in the circle? No, shit. Okay, whiskey IN the circle.

Cleanse the area, cast the circle.

“Okay, Loki. I’m going to try to do this thing, where I am conscious of offering you what I’m taking into my body. I have no idea how to do that, but…here goes.”

Whiskey-no taste at first, then a smooth burn down my throat. Warmth settles in my belly.

I move into meditation.

I’m in my temple, but for once the sky is overcast. It is NEVER overcast here. The wind is blowing and I can see the World Serpent out in the primordial waters over the churning waves. It is a black sea in a black night, but my temple is illuminated. Fingers card through my hair. Turning I see a man with no clear face.

“Why can I never see you clearly? I never have a face to go with these sweet caresses.”

“You’re looking too hard to see.”

I’m pouting. I know I am and the whiskey is warming me from the inside out.

“Whiskey tastes good on your lips.”

And I’m slammed back into my body.


This meditation and ritual offering brought to you by Jack Daniel’s Black Label.


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