Dream Wheels Turn to Stories

So, I won’t go into the entire thing, but I had a strange daydream/dream waking story thing the other day about a character that I write with frequently in a situation that I would have trouble working that character into.

He was meditating and became …horsed by Loki. He was quite willing and was Loki’s husband, so it wasn’t any type of violation. Some people came in upon him while Loki was stalking around in his body and Himself went on quite a rant about how important loyalty and family is-though family not necessarily of birth, but people whom we choose to draw into our inner circle as well.

The phrase that keeps kicking up in my skull is spoken when the character got into his father’s face while being ridden by our intrepid God and uttered this phrase:

“The beloveds of MY beloveds tend to succeed, but put him in danger and you won’t see many more days.”

There is more to the scene, but that in particular keeps coming back to me. Not sure why this would be important, and I am considering maybe writing out the story. It is a fun/interesting/exciting story, and maybe this is more a prompt to let Him play out as my Muse than anything else.


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