Maturing My Grasp of His Essence

I was journaling last night about Himself (along with several other things) and I started to write:

“Loki is first and foremost a God of Change.” When my pen got to the word change I couldn’t write it.

“No, no, no…that isn’t right,” is whispered in my mental ear.

This is what happened next.

“Loki is first and foremost a God of Passion. I would liken him to the primordial, pre-modern thought of Eros in many ways. He is a God of the Chase, a God of Intense Feeling~ passionate love leads to chaos and change. His love or our love. Passionate love leads to caring and helping and giving and sacrificing and dying and bleeding and weeping and coming back because of a passionate promise to do it all again with the same Gods and people as often as necessary.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Passion is the kindred link between Odin and Loki. Passion wrought in blood. Passion and fire are so closely linked that calling Him a fire God is a see through mask for His burning drive and His exquisitely piercing core. The core of Him is Passion.”

This came from the ether and from inside of me and from Him. How much from where, I’m still sorting out.



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