I’ve been digging on a combo burn of Sandalwood and Cherry Almond for a general Hail to the gods lately, but I don’t have anything I like to burn specifically for Himself (though he does have a Vanilla Bean candle that smells good enough to eat). I would like to discern a go to incense for His enjoyment.

Angrboda seems to enjoy a burn of Night Queen and African Musk. I would like to get some of the high quality Night Queen (I can tell the difference) for devotional/meditation work with Her specifically.

I am having trouble deciding on a regular set of scents for Him because so often He is so calm and happy to simply exist with me I don’t necessarily associate the more energetic scents with Him. I feel content and at home with Him and this leads me towards smells of baked goods and fall. Snuggling weather. I tried to burn Red Dragon incense for Him, but the mix was off putting to me.

I’m sure He will let me know his preferences eventually.


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