Exercise and Grounding

Today I did a 4 mile workout after months of being sedentary. For the record I don’t recommend to anyone MONTHS of sitting on your ass. I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter, however. So, I turned on my television and watched eerily cheerful women do their exercise thing while I mirrored them and became drenched in buckets of sweat. I chugged water. I cursed. I worked out a kink in my right hip. After I was done I felt energized, amazing, and thankful that I am capable of moving and grooving whenever I want to.

I’ve been experiencing a clearer, sharper mind all evening long. I feel a lot more like myself than I have since my second daughter was born.  

I also felt completely and solidly grounded. I felt more grounded than I’ve felt in an extremely long while. I’d forgotten (I’m assuming I was aware of this at some point) that moving the muscles, guts and blood that transport my spirit around Mundania sticks me more solidly into it. It does great things for the body and usually also chases off some bad vibes. So, if you’re having trouble grounding for any reason I recommend going for a run or doing some other physical activity if you are capable.

Later, when I did my daily CGS ritual (center, ground, shield) I noticed that it was easier to drain the collection of bad vibes and stagnant energy out of my body than it usually is. Some days I struggle to make the connection to the Earth if I am inside of my house. A true connection to Earth allows me to ground fully, where if I am having trouble I don’t always feel as refreshed. I also ground upwards to the stars for certain reasons and I actually remembered to do that today, when usually I just muddle through with the Earth connection. I felt spectacular and clean swirling strongly in my own essence. After centering myself the energy sparked easily and quickly from my finger as I created the layered shielding that I use daily. I was also aware of the web that I created and maintain to trap emotional flare ups of the folks around me.

All in all-exercise really does a body, mind, and spirit a world of good. Don’t be stupid like me and forget that. The only draw back to the evening is that my stomach thinks my throat was slit because the calorie burn is making me hungry. I am trying to hold out till breakfast tomorrow because I’ve already had one snack. …Maybe two snacks won’t hurt anything.

I’m off to rifle through the fridge for a nutritious snack that totally isn’t one of the brownies I made earlier.


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