July~A Month of Loki Lovin’

July has been designated by the PTB of the Heathenry world as Loki’s Month. From what I gather it is due to the Rising of Sirius, which is also something important to Loki (see other people who’ve been in the Loki game longer for further details). It doesn’t really matter to me WHY, though I do want to figure out when Sirius rises in my region and dedicate that day to Himself, but I am going to make every effort to do some things for Him. I have a character kicking around in my head that He seems to want to hijack for his own nefarious, sexy, purposes, and I believe I will follow him down that rabbit hole.

July as a month of erotic/mystery/sci-fi fiction for Himself? I am also going to attempt to make an art piece each week, perhaps to go along with my fiction. This also coincides quite nicely with Camp Nanowrimo.

On the actual day for Loki when Sirius Rises in my region (I’m pretty far north so I think it will be closer to August) I’m going to make a feast and set Him a place of Honor. This idea deserves further fleshing out, perhaps in another post.

His month is a busy month for me. I am looking for a job currently (maybe he decided I should deal with more upheaval than usual in his honor?), but that is okay, because I do my best work under stress.

Hail Loki!



3 thoughts on “July~A Month of Loki Lovin’

  1. It is looking like I could pick July 19, 20, or 21st according to this. I think I may choose the 20th or 21st since they are a Saturday and Sunday respectively. The 22nd is the full moon.

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