Loki and Me: Poor But Fabulous

I was in a bit of a snit earlier because I wanted to do something special for Loki, as it is his month of devotion. I have no money, but my head was floating full of shopping sprees to procure exquisitely expensive soy candles made with essential oils and shat out by unicorns. Beautiful and modern candle holders or chic rustic looking pieces…basically anything and everything I can’t afford right now.


Earlier this week I was cleaning out my garage (which is dirty, dusty, and spider infested) and stumbled upon a bag full of trash that came from one of our cars. After being pissed off that there was a bag full of trash chilling out where it shouldn’t be I decided to make sure it really was a bag of trash. As I was digging through it and getting ready to say fuck it I found some papers that were important (tax documents) and decided I better keep digging. Further down was a brand new, beautiful lead crystal dish about 5 centimeters in radius. It was gorgeous, but I couldn’t imagine a use for it since I’m not a fan of candy dishes or ash trays. We also couldn’t figure out where it came from. I washed it and it sat inconspicuously on my kitchen counter for four days.

Fast forward to this evening.

I remembered the candy dish. Now it is sitting in an honored spot filled with water. Dropped in the middle is a solid red glass candleholder and I will be burning a candle every evening of July in this fancy, shimmery new altar piece. It is one of the most dazzling pieces I’ve ever put together for my altar area and it was for Himself, and I suspect provided by Him as well.

Hail Loki God of Thrift!…and shiny things. (I knew there was a reason we get along so well.)


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