Feeling Better

The happier and more centered I become in my own life the more endearing I find members of the general public. As far as deep thoughts go, this isn’t a large one, but it has struck me as a change for the better. The ditzy Starbucks girl is a sweetheart today, and not an airhead. The angry cashier makes me feel concern instead of mirroring his irritation. I wonder why he’s having a bad day. I find myself caring about everyone more. My daughter isn’t being willful little fuss bucket, she’s simply tired.

Everyone in my life seems happier lately. Is it me? Or is it just the energy of the hour? Am I happier so I’m helping to make them happier? I don’t know. The quick paced change that has been occurring in the last month or so for me I wish to credit to Loki, but I may be short sighted. The universe if vast and there are many players and reasons for change to occur.


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