I Just have to Say It: Day 2 in July for Loki

I love this. I love this for a few reasons. One, I agree that spirit work can seem extremely sexualized, and if someone isn’t good with where they stand they can feel left out if they aren’t getting Godly sexy times. I’ve been pulling this along behind me for a bit. Loki and I are not, overall, sexual. We’re friends. If my husband and I are soulmates, and we are, then I think Loki and I also share a soulbond. It could easily be that of lovers, but at the end of the day I feel that what we share is an oasis. The rest of the world is looking for something from us-not that this is a bad thing. We are all supposed to support eachother and our community whenever we can and we are all supposed to be honorable. This isn’t really about that. There is no expectation in what we share…though, sometimes it turns sexual.

Why is spirit work so inherently sexual? Why is it easier for the gods to use sex to teach us “the lessons”? As an energy worker I think some of this is tied up with sex energy and its potency. We generate a lot of usable, fresh energy when we are all revved up and ready to go and our will can fling that energy, our Gods can utilize that energy, for our or their benefit, plus it can be shunted into love fire and used to grow a bond.
BUT, and I’ve been pondering this for a while now, I really think that the Big O showcases a lot for spirit workers because orgasm shuts off the mind. Orgasm destroys expectation and worry and anxiety. Orgasm brings forth the core energy you always carry around with you and rips it out of the shadows. You can’t stifle your bright, burning spotlight when you are on fire. Light begets light and joy begets joy. The Gods want us to be our best selves and they love us. There is no shame is sex and there is no shame in sexy times with the gods and I even understand why someone would long for it, BUT it isn’t the only way to reveal our true selves. There is instead the route of trials and pain. I think everyone gets a little of both in their life, but sex and orgasm is the fastest way for the Gods to pull the blinders off of a person and show them their own Divinity. YOU mean something. YOU are a person worth our time. Most importantly, YOU are a person worth YOUR OWN TIME and compassion.
Loki and I haven’t shared the Big O yet. I’m all right with that. He’s all right with that. I don’t feel like less of a spirit worker or unhappy with him. Sex can still be a complication, even on the divine level, even with all of its uses, if a person has issues surrounding sex, and I believe the Gods are intuitive enough to realize all of this too.


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