One of His (Midnight Ramblings)

Why am I one of His?

To some extent I’m beginning to believe more fully in the concept of Wyrd. I’m one of His because I’ve been one of his before. I’ve been SOMETHING to Him before and He has been something profound to me. Past associations are hard to shake; pleasurable past associations are hardest to shake, especially because you have no desire to do so. Don’t fix things that aren’t broken.  

Why am I one of His?

I’ve never seen Loki as The Worldbreaker, but I’ve wanted to watch the world burn. I’ve wanted very much to see everything I’ve ever known and ever could know cease to exist. There have been times in my life where I’ve gleefully burned bridges and danced to the other side before the flames could lick my feet only to rail at my decisions later, no matter if they were for my own good or not. Sometimes we need The Worldbreaker. I’ve done my best to embrace this side of myself in the past without having a true concept for what it is. Destruction as a means of new growth. New growth is joyous, but there may still be mourning for that which is lost.

Why am I one of His?

I’ve loved completely and lost completely. There are long, sad tales I could tell, but suffice to say I’ve learned that the family we choose and the family we make for ourselves is as important as the family we are born into. Losing our blood family cuts deep, but losing those we chose for family cuts deeper. This makes me one of His because He is infinitely kind about familial matters. He is understanding in ways that perhaps another would not be.

Why am I one of his?

I’ve seen death, first hand. Three times. I consider Loki to be tied up in endings and beginnings and think it is only fitting that Hel is his daughter. I’ve brushed the power sacred to His child and I’ve been awed by it. Death is horrifying and fascinating. I imagine it will eventually bring me the same happiness as buying a new notebook. I love getting to pick out a clean, shining new notebook and endeavor to fill in the pages with as much good work as I can.

Why am I one of His?

I have created life. I don’t believe I could ever love a god as much as I love Him who hadn’t known this process intimately. He has given birth. He has carried another life around inside his body. In Him I have finally found a GOD whom I respect and trust with all aspects of my identity.

Why am I one of his?

Most importantly because I want to be and He wants me to be. There is truly no other reason necessary.


6 thoughts on “One of His (Midnight Ramblings)

  1. Yes, this! So much this post.

    I agree on all of your points as to ‘Why Loki’ – as they are so similar to my own. Though it is not entirely necessary, it delights me whenever I get a glimpse of Loki this way, mirrored in another’s words, on another’s blog.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope that you don’t mind if I ping this post?

  2. Reblogged this on bloodteethandflame and commented:
    I usually don’t do this (reblogging, that is, because it makes me feel as if I’m being lazy – especially today) but !
    I must say that I love this post….and there’s very little that I could add to this.
    Ki’s reasons for ‘Why Loki?’ are well – written so much more succinctly and precisely that I ever could have, that I’m here to say:

    This. Just this. Every reason mentioned here…and more.
    Hail Loki!
    My friend,
    My teacher,
    My heart,
    My home,
    My God.
    I love you.
    That is all.

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