If You Ask Loki for Something Be Prepared To GET IT NOW

I’ve wanted to move for a while. The other day I REALLY wanted to move. I seethed and raged about wanting to move. I muttered and bitched and felt sad because I’m not near my friends.

Loki overheard. I didn’t ASK, ask Him to get me back where I want to be, but He is nothing of not perceptive, and He takes care of the people He loves. He is a caring, loving, sort of God. Sometimes His love is the kind that makes you want to thump your head against a wall.  

His answer to my dilemma? (I live 100 miles away from the city I fell in love with while I was in college.) Have the person we are living with decide to sell their house RIGHT NOW. With no warning there were realtors in my home talking about the fact that they could move the place exceptionally quickly. As in, the woman knew a person who might want the house the minute she stepped foot outside of the door.

…My life is a red, hot, stressful mess right now.

Thank You, my sweetest friend, for the chaos You’ve tossed me into. More than diamonds or gold I wanted to be back in the city where I will be closer to my friends.

Hail The Gift Bearer! Hail Loki!


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