Not Crazy

I’ve been having an unusual phenomenon from the spirit corner these days. Occasionally, I have the random thought that maybe I am crazy or maybe Loki really is dangerous to my sanity. Whenever I have those thoughts I get a projection of a rabid dog/clawing slashing canine-esque monster.

“This is what you think of me?” He seems to be asking.

No, certainly not, but I reserve the right to consider danger and to wonder if I’m tip toeing down the path towards the loony bin every once in a while.

“You’re not,” He reassures me.

…only it isn’t always reassuring when an incorporeal being assures you He is real and that you aren’t crazy.



2 thoughts on “Not Crazy

  1. When Loki first approached me, I was somewhat hesitant. Is following the Breaker of Worlds such a good idea? I asked him if he could guarantee that my physical, mental, and spiritual health would be unaffected by taking him on as patron, and he said, “I can guarantee all but your sanity.” I don’t think he was being facetious. That said, one’s sanity is always a risk in spirit work of any kind, and imo is less about the gods and more about one’s own self-control to not become completely ungrounded/out of touch.

    • I agree wholeheartedly, but it doesn’t stop me from worrying occasionally. LoL I definitely center, ground, and shield every single day. A lesson learned the hard way, unfortunately.

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