The Snippets Shall Become SOMETHING

I’ve decided that I am going to make the snippets a story. Two First Person POV’s (I think). I’m going to have it open with this bit that I wrote forever ago. I think I was channeling. *grins*

I’m in my club. The place where I come to unwind. My haven and my <hell.  It's too dark and the strobing lights flash too bright across my corneas. I imagined what it would be like to throw myself to the ground and have a fake seizure.

Too much work.

The music pulses steadily and mechanically in a way that no human could ever produce. The techno lacks the passion of a human being. The minions of the speed scene move in time, compelled, compulsed, by the beat to push their sweaty bodies against one another; the straining erections and over-stimulated central nervous systems of the drug drenched driving everyone to do things that they would normally reserve for a bedroom, or at least a dark alley. The writhing mass of humanity is both alluring and revolting at the same time. I want to be in the center of the crush surrounded by groping hands and tongues and grinding bodies almost as much as I wanted to set fire to the building and watch them scramble for safety. Like dropping a rock into a pond. Will the ripples would catch me if I do something so drastic?

I smile into my Vodka tonic and shake my head. My, how I hate humans sometimes. But I’m not here for them. I’m here for him.



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