It’s ALL UPG-Another Late Night, I Should Be Sleeping, Mini-Rant

I grew up in the craft as a Wiccan. As a Wiccan there are “right” and “wrong” ways to do things. Your alter belongs at the Northern or Eastern point of the circle. You always cast a circle and call the corners before ritual. There are specific items that belong on your altar. I could go on, but I won’t. Over the years I’ve read authors whom I didn’t much enjoy. I would have to say that Silver Ravenwolf was one of them. There was just too much fru-fru everything is lightness and joy going on there. Also, she didn’t cover important things in her teen books that I really needed like grounding and centering. For me, her books were utter crap. I’ve railed against them for years.

Tonight I came to the realization that her books aren’t crap. They’re perfectly fine books. They were just crap for me.

There are some undisputable good ideas in all of “the craft”-casting protection before major workings, elemental tables that have been compiled over centuries from various sources, pretty much anything that is a compilation of hard won knowledge is important-but, BUT, for the most part it is someone else’s UPG. I’m not saying I’m going to ditch casting circles, but if I work with a plant extensively and it is listed as falling into the domain of water elements and for me it feels like fire…I should use it as a fire correspondence. For me. Depending on what I am doing.

Every bit of the craft, even the fundamentals, is based on UPG. A lot of it is corroborated UPG-stuff that works for everyone, but we shouldn’t be discounting our own gnosis for spellwork. We should be documenting and altering our spellwork according to our own experiences.

It’s all UPG.

I’ve wasted a lot of energy being disgruntled over  what I considered to be half assed advice in the past. No more. I simply won’t recommend books that I feel are subpar to my friends and anyone I am teaching, but I no longer think I feel the need to rail against them. My way is my way. My way is not necessarily better or worse than another.


3 thoughts on “It’s ALL UPG-Another Late Night, I Should Be Sleeping, Mini-Rant

    • Yes, yes, yes…the will is the essence behind all magick and chaos magick especially. To be a Geek think of the difference between being a sorcerer and being a Wizard…the sorcerer relies on inherent ability or the will while the wizard relies on spells. In real life you can use spells to throw your will, but they aren’t entirely necessary, and any spell that has your intent behind it very powerful. That is why I don’t tend to do any spell work for anyone/thing that I only feel blasé about. It won’t have as much Oomph. Not that it won’t work, but it won’t be as…spectacular. LoL

      • Okay-realized I perhaps said something I didn’t mean. The Will is a LARGE part of the manifestation, but, of course, if you are working with the Gods their will and power is part of it too. I guess I meant to say our will is the driving force when we are performing magick that doesn’t involve invocation/evocation and our will is also part of what directs the results when we do ask the Gods to help us. In the past I have tended to work a lot with the raw energy of the universe and the raw energy nature and the elements-not God/dess centric practice, so a lot of the time my thoughts come from that angle, but clearly if you invoke or do a ritual where Loki has insisted on his presence their desires/will/Chi/what have you will play a large role. I suppose all of this depends on what type of magick you favor in your practice.

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