To Kneel, or Not to Kneel (to Loki)

So-there is an interesting debate going on that I wasn’t aware of online. I have kids, am searching for a job, and I’m a writer-and 24 hours really isn’t all that much when you want to sleep for at LEAST 6 of them…People are debating whether or not to kneel to Loki. Really? ….REALLY? He’s a GOD. Sure, He is sometimes borderline sadistic (though He’s never been for me I’m sure He can be-He IS the World Breaker after all), but He’s not cruel for the sake of being cruel. He is not going to throw away genuine devotion. If there is a serious thread of people out there telling anyone that Loki is going to laugh at them for this, that, and the other thing…Well, maybe they need to put a cork in it and let Lord Loki speak for Himself. There is more than one way to silence someone, and I can’t think of anything more insidious than speaking words for Him that aren’t His own.

I give much love and respect to everyone out there that has taken the time to develop their own unique devotional practices to any gods they worship. I thought this blog did a nice job of talking about the “debate” on kneeling to Loki.

Weaving the Net

Apparently, it doesn’t die: the allegation that kneeling before Loki is only going to get you salacious remarks, if not overt ridicule. I don’t know where it came from originally, but it certainly spread like a wildfire. This God, we don’t have to kneel to Him. Look at those stupid people who think it’s gonna win them His favour. The idea of not having to kneel must have hit a nerve.

And it is true. We do not have to. I do not have to. Do you know what else hit a nerve? The thought of His mockery.

There are rarely, very rarely, moments that I read something in an online place, posted there by a complete stranger, and what I read makes me sad. Angry? Yes, loads of times. But not sad, not usually. This morning was one of those times. I read about the “… while you’re down…

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One thought on “To Kneel, or Not to Kneel (to Loki)

  1. Ki, thank you for the reblog 🙂 I’d like to add that there was no real debate about it going on (prior to my post) — it was just an offhanded remark that someone posted somewhere that struck me out of the blue in an unusual and unexpected way (by making me sad).

    But on the other hand, I have seen the sentiment that “if you kneel to Loki you’re just silly or oppressed or something” being expressed. I’m honestly surprised at the reaction both in quantity and quality: the vast majority of comments I got were very positive, and I’m really surprised at how many people do, after all, kneel in some way or the other…

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