Evaluation of My Month for Loki: Crash and Burn or Rousing Success?

My intention for Loki’s Month (July, though at our house He’s always welcome) was to write something for him every day and do some sort of meditation, devotional ritual (small, but nice) for him every day.

I was doing well until we had a surprise move thrust upon us.

So, while I didn’t do a ritual for Him every day or write smut for Him or in His name every day I have had a life full of frenetic, cleansing change that began mid July and is still ongoing. We’re still setting up our new house and I’m going to set up my general altar and a shiny new altar for Him this weekend.

I’m also working on the story he was needling me about at the beginning of July full tilt rather than relegating it to the realm of “things I will work on after my real work”.

Loki’s story has BECOME part of my “real” work.

How did that happen? I let it happen. He wanted it to happen…

My ongoing work for Him will be my gift for His “month” this year. My new, happier, self reliant life will be my gift to Him for His month this year. I’m part of the pagan community again, so any outreach into the community or time I spend helping others will be in His name this year.

Give Loki a month and he colors your entire life to suite Himself.

I really, truly, couldn’t be happier with the results.

Hail Loki! Sorry you didn’t get your feast yet, but I don’t have a dining room table anymore.


5 thoughts on “Evaluation of My Month for Loki: Crash and Burn or Rousing Success?

  1. I especially love the part about “give Loki a month and He changes your whole life to suit HImself”.That is true to the core. He’s been using the last two months to show me what’s bad for me and how to be happier without it. I also, have been pushed to write a story for Him, and I’ve set up a WP page for it so people can see it’s progress. It will be a story about the Lokiwives living together in a huge mansion in California in a reality type show. I’ve left the community too. Been pushed out in some ways. I don’t miss the catfights. This is going to be the year for healing from the damage from last year for both of us it seems.

  2. Ah, I am sorry. That was a typo I fixed, actually. Sorry-my first posting always needs a wash. I should really do that BEFORE I post. (I misspelled evaluation three times somehow…brainfog). I haven’t ever been part of a large Heathen community other than online, but with the move I am back where there is a general “pagan”: community that does things together. They are a catchall. Whomever wants to be involved and CAN be involved without being an asshat is generally accepted. There was a large collapse in this area-very, very sad, so I’m coming back to a much smaller community actually than the one I left several years ago. There was a lot of infighting and power mongering going on and the people who were down to earth, just wanna get together and do their own thing, actually left the larger group. Now I’m going to be a part of the smaller group. What I meant to say si that any help I offer those people will be part of my ongoing work. I’m also not hiding my Lokean status at this point, so they’re going to know that they’re getting help from one of Loki’s peeps if they ask for it or involve me in ritual. Spreading the Loptr love. LoL

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