Grounding In Between

I have an unusual proclivity, which I’m not sure many other people share. I’m not from around here, soul wise. I don’t know where I’m from, but not here is a good start. My soul chose to take several spins around Earth for one reason or another and I think I decided I liked it here. What’s not to like? Humans are tight riddles.  

 I have an affinity for doorways and in between places and times. I don’t know if this has anything to do with where my soul hails from or if it is just my own unique quirk. I love the energy of mirrors, which are gateways if you study them closely. (Alice in Wonderland, anyone?) Closets are doorways that lead to nowhere. They’re very unusual in that regard and as such they have a tendency to actually be gateways to otherwhere. I think that is why young children are often frightened of closets. They’re not filtering as much of their senses and they might sense things passing through. There are lots of in between places in our world. Sometimes I stumble upon natural gateways in the forest-tunnels made by trees that I just know lead to an otherwhere. I’ve found natural caves that are doorways. Not all caves are doorways, but some are. It all has to do with the energy. Gateways and doorways all have a more, peculiar, energetic feel.

Sometimes they are out in the middle of nowhere, just standing open in a clear space. If I find one with an energy that doesn’t feel like it meshes well with the land I’m on radiating from the other side I take the time to close them, but sometimes they are so old and well used I couldn’t if I wanted to. They are a part of the world now and not a small energy expenditure from a single entity. These types of doorways have been set up to stay open by someone or something that intended it to be that way and has a greater knowledge of the energy flow than I do. When I find one like this I wonder if they are God doors. They have to slip back and forth to their otherwhere somehow, don’t they?

For me it is easy to spot these doorways, so long as my senses are turned on and I’m not sunk into Mundania too far. I think the reason is that this energy is a part of my own energy in some way. Recently, I was at the beach. The sunlight was a million diamonds on the gently sifting waves. They rushed in to greet me and slowly pulled away. As I came closer to the water I found that place where the water meets the sand and I was home. That special, ever shifting in between place where the water meets the sand is a dynamic, energetic in between space. I felt compelled to ground there-not only down into the earth, but OUT into that in between space as well. After I released all of the harmful energy from my body and the unuseful and harmful energy from my personal wards out into the space and down into Mother Earth I received some of the purest, most cleansing energy I’ve ever felt in my life in return. My head was immediately cleared and my body felt rejuvenated in a way that it hasn’t since 6 months before the birth of my first child.

I think I’ve found the key to feeling truly grounded for myself. I need an in between place or a doorway. I’ve also experienced some success with dual grounding-grounding out into the celestial with my top half and down into the Earth with my bottom half. (I believe I’ve read that this is common in Fey Traditions) I’m going to be running a series of experiments with doorways to determine if it is only the water/oceanic aspect that does this for me. I’m a bit leery of grounding to an object though (such as a mirror), so at this time I won’t be doing so. I’m excited about this. It has been a while since I found a new aspect of energy to investigate and nothing makes me happier than a new riddle.


2 thoughts on “Grounding In Between

  1. An article which proves again that grounding is absolutely personal. You have to know how you bodies and energies work.

    Also, it was an incredible reading because you give very precise details of sensations and processes, which happen to be very similar to mine. I think we’re alike (in between).

    • Thank you! I try to be as concise as possible. 🙂

      Grounding is really personal, but for years and years I didn’t realize it and didn’t get much out of it because I just did whatever I read that people say to do for grounding. I think it is unfortunate most of the mainstream, easily accessible resources (i.e. Llewellyn print books and other easy to find internet sites) out there don’t see fit to tell people so.

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