Natural Stone Point vs. Wand

I was at the beach yesterday and found a perfect stone point. It is a pleasant light grey with veins of sparkles and on the metaphysical front it vibrates with a lot of energy and feels good in my palm. It has been smoothed meticulously by the waves as well. I’ve found the perfect tool to focus energy through, unless I haven’t. It seems more than likely this stone will do the trick though.

I’ve always wanted to make a wand, but I’ve never found a piece of wood that sang just right to me, or a gem I just HAD to weave into a power structure. When I was younger I made an attempt with a dowel rod that I was going to run a metal core through, but 1.) It was a lot of work and I lost interest somewhere between purchasing materials and building a fire to heat the metal, and 2.) the finished product I would be left with didn’t appeal to me. 1 may have been more of a deciding factor than 2, but I think if I had really wanted to do it I would have bucked up and done so. I never did. The idea of buying a wand has never appealed either. I don’t want to use an item full of someone else’s energies and intentions for something so intensely personal as magick.

Thank you, generous waters, for providing me an instrument I’ve been searching out for years. Hail Angrboda, Witch of the Ironwood! Thank you for helping me strengthen my magickal practice with the proper tools.


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