Experiment #1-Grounding in the Bedroom Doorway

I tried grounding in the doorway to my bedroom last night. When I moved to stand inside the physical doorway I could minutely feel the energy shift when I found the spot where the doorway was actually a doorway on every level-physically and energetically. The energetic doorway spreads out into the other planes somehow. Doorways are magickal in their own right. That little bump in energy where the physical and metaphysical merge is appealing to me. I didn’t actually ground to the doorway so much as ground through the energy and use that energy somehow. It wasn’t precisely what I intended to do. I intended to try grounding into the doorway AND terra firma. Grounding through the energy of the doorway to the Earth seemed to be give me an energy influx or…a sort of energy feeding if you will-like maybe I was a bit drained and it topped me off.

All in all it was interesting, but nothing like grounding out into the shoreline at the beach. Perhaps there is just not enough energy in my bedroom doorway even though it is also an in between spot. I’m thinking of using a more traversed area tonight-perhaps the thresh hold between the kitchen and the rest of my apartment.


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