Use the Wrapping to Distract from the Unwanted Present

Everyone talks about boundaries. Boundaries. Boundaries. PUSHING boundaries-when they talk about the gods.

One of my most sacred loves is being able to open my mouth and say whatever I want. I think this is rooted in my adolescent pagan struggles dropped squarely in the middle of conservative Christian nowhere. I kept my mouth shut a lot when I was younger to preserve my safety and to be able to continue practicing witchcraft. As a backlash from that I became shockingly honest with all other aspects of my life-and I stopped moderating almost completely what came out of my mouth as far as what I thought about others and their actions. I was unkind. As I grew older I realized I was being petty and immature and “grew up”, so to speak, but I still disregard the right of others to have reactions to the words I toss out quite frequently.

I need to learn, not silence, necessarily, but to filter a bit more before I speak. To THINK before I speak. Silvertongue has been pointing out all the ways in which my life would be easier if I could learn to do this in the past week, culminating in a huge blow out with my spouse this morning over the same topic.

I am learning I must be honest, but tactfully.

I am learning tact. For anyone who knows me personally, they are probably rolling around laughing right now. Tact and I aren’t good friends. Some would even say it is part of my charm, but it really isn’t when it results in hurt feelings that wouldn’t have had to have been hurt if I had only thought about HOW to tell the truth.

I am learning to tie the truth up in a pretty bow.

Hail Loki, Gift Giver!


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