Something Old, Something New

This morning I met Odin in the shower. Yes, it was a surprise to me too…though, perhaps it shouldn’t have been.

Each morning I light incense for the Gods and toss out a Hail to everyone and all of the positive energy carriers in the universe some days…it varies. Then I jump into the shower. I did the same thing this morning. Halfway through my morning ablutions, after I had grounded and centered myself I got pulled…partially out. I was still feeling things in Mundania and generally going about my day, but interacting in a way I had only ever interacted with Loki before.  I suppose for all intents and purposes the Godphone got a jolt, even though I don’t generally like referring to it as the “godphone”.

I got the sense of an older man, in his late 60’s or early 70’s dressed in a non-descript grey traveling outfit-very old, old, OLD world. He had a grey cloak and grey pants and everything about him gave off the same vibe as a good “notice-me-not” spell or someone trying to blend in. Only, he wanted me to notice him. He looked a bit grizzled with a long grey beard and a large, wide brimmed hat was pulled down low over part of his face.

The Conversation:

Me: “You’re not Loki.”

Mystery Man: “Do I remind you of Yaweh like this?” (Genuinely curious.)

Me: “Ummm…More like Gandalf.”

Mystery Man: (A dry chuckle) “Try again.”

Me: “Ummm…”

Mystery Man: “I’m Odin.” (In a wry sounding voice.)

Me: “Oh. Okay. Nice to meet you. Naked in my shower. Not that shower time isn’t cool and all…but…why are you in my shower?”

Odin: “I like to keep an eye on Loki’s projects, especially the ones he cares about a great deal.” (Smug grin, then poof.)

Me: (Alone, to myself.) “I’m a project?”

…Not really how I envisioned meeting The All Father.

…and I’m not sure how I feel about being a project.

Me: 10 hours later…
“OH-keep AN EYE on his projects. HA! Apparently Odin does puns!”


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