4 Reasons Heathens Hate Lokeans: By a Lokean

First of all, I love the etymology of Rokkatru presented here. I love the amount of thought and work that went into most of this piece. The historian in me has giggle fits when people refer to historical documentation and all manner of things that remind me of long nights in libraries.

This being said, I hate the implication that all of Loki’s “newb” followers got here because-Hiddlesmut and the fact that they READ about GODSPOUSERY and decided, “That seems like a freakin’ fantasticly fun thing. Let’s get going on that.” I’m not a godspouse, but I wouldn’t have delved into a relationship on the level that I have with a deity (without thinking I should be medicating mysef, that is) if I hadn’t found a support structure within the Heathen community. I had a-for all intents and purposes-mystical experience. After the experience I frantically began searching for others in the same boat. The first person I found was a Lokean Godspouse and I am CERTAIN Loki had a hand in directing me to someone who was capable of helping me kindly and sanely in what can be a bumpy road toward Spirit Work and generally existing in a larger world. I would like to know how many people are out there that found the cloaked world of Spirit Work this way? Why do we not hear from more of these people?
I have posted about intimate things which have happened to me during meditation sessions and with Loki Himself here on my blog, and I do so because I’m trying to feel my way through my experiences and also because I want others out there to see that even if they are experiencing something beyond the pale it isn’t necessarily scary.
I want other people who feel like they are going crazy to realize that they aren’t alone. I guess Crazy loves company as much as Misery. I do agree that there are some over the top people though. Even I don’t share everything. I keep some of my UPG to myself for various reasons, though I don’t let something being risqué stop me from posting.
Maybe I don’t have my sense of humor intact as much as it should be, but I am tired of reading these rants about how Lokean Godspouses are all coming off as wakadoos. More who AREN’T wackadoos need to pipe up of that is the case.

Sacred Iceland


Sacred Iceland will be back to you shortly after this special bulletin, which I fear is going to piss off a lot of people, but I want to say anyway, so please make sure your sense of humor is turned on.

Before too many anti-Loki people jump to “like” this article, and too may pro-Loki people start furiously typing an angry complaint letter to me over its title, let me quickly clarify my stance: I LOVE Loki. I have been a devout Loki worshipper since about 1994, and it was my love for Loki that brought me into Heathenry in the first place. I also love my Heathen community (I’ve been a Troth member since 2006), and have many friends therein of many various theological opinions. It is because I love these two parts of my life that I have grown increasingly concerned with how the definition of “Lokean” (a…

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7 thoughts on “4 Reasons Heathens Hate Lokeans: By a Lokean

  1. I commented on the original article, but I’ll add here that if someone thinks that godspousery is whackadoo, I find that to not be my problem. Bridal mysticism (and godly sexitimes) occur in classical polytheism, in some current/continuous polytheistic traditions, and even in some monotheistic ones (Teresa of Avila, anyone?). So to me, the issue isn’t really sex, it’s about focus and reverence. Sex can be part of someone’s pathwork. Great! It might not be part of someone’s pathwork. That’s great too! But overall development is rarely one-sided or singularly focused. There are times when people focus on one area or another, but in the longer pattern, there will be changes in multiple areas. Or at least that’s been my personal observation.

    • I guess I just see the whole-shut your mouth newb as another form of hateraid and it inspires great ire in me. I am taking a bit of this personally because it seems like to so many “older” or “longer active” Lokeans since I came onto the scene post Thor release I’m always going to be here just because of that. I know that isn’t the case, and in the end it really doesn’t matter in my day to day devotions what anyone else thinks, but it still irks me. It irks me because some people might just slink away that really need help or are seeking information because of this kind of attitude. For every kid that raises their hand and asks a question 5 other kids in the class probably have the same one, you know? I haven’t been at this very long compared to some people, but in the amount of time that I’ve been checking out Lokean this or that online there have been a metric shit ton of these “I hate Godspouses because they all are here because Hiddlesmut” rants. It almost seems disproportionate to the problem. It’s like a lot of people feel that their own practice loses legitimacy if there are more people doing it.

      • Oh, ‘shaddup newbie” is undoubtedly a form of hateraid. :-/ I don’t really care how people came to Loki or what they think He looks like. TBH, I don’t even give all these f*cks whether or not they love Marvel Loki. It has nothing to do with my practice or whether or not someone needs help.

        I think there’s a notion that some of the people will be transient in NT and that’s bad, and I don’t understand that either. Some people flirt with mysticism and decide it’s not for them. It’s far better for someone to realize that this isn’t a good fit and leave than keep working away at something that doesn’t fulfill them. Some make wyrd altering vows, but not everyone makes those, and even if they do, people can and will make mistakes, and there’s really nothing we can do about it. There is enough good cautionary material out there by long-term spouses like Beth, Jo, or Elizabeth about why you might want to mull it over for a while. If people aren’t going to heed that, well, as far as I’m concerned, they’ve done their duty; they tried.

        Young adults can be impulsive; I certainly was at that age. I guess what I’m trying to say is that in my personal and professional experience with young people, “shut up newbie” and “UR doing it wrong” and “you haven’t thought this through enough” often come off as condescending (and whether it’s actulaly worded/intended as such is debatable) and make many less inclined to listen to more experienced practitioners. I’m not new to paganism but I’m newer to NT and when my stepmom died, there wasn’t a soul in the old skool crowd that I reached out to in my grief, and the STFU newbie you aren’t important vibe is a large part of why. I’d rather commiserate with someone who treats me with respect, and I suspect that’s true of many others as well.

      • Yeah. Every time I think that particular meme – “Hiddleston Lokeans are terrible!” – has died, someone has to bring it up again. I’ve only been hanging out here a bit over a year, but it’s come up so often I can’t believe why the author of that piece got so many people acting like they’d never seen it written down before.

        I get it, enthusiastic, ignorant newcomers can be /really annoying/ but, I just don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for the way people go from that to “you should only write about things if you write about them in ways that I and my friends here think is acceptable.”

        I’ve taken some comfort from a -decrease- in the anti-Marvel sentiment in some of the more Loki-oriented places I hang out. Eventually mainstream heathenry may catch up.

  2. There are plenty of people writing publicly who aren’t wakadoos, but that’s not nearly as eye-catching. No one passes around a boring godspouse-related post to roll their eyes at, so the things that people know about, who aren’t regularly reading godspouse-related things, tend to be the DRAMAZ, not the fact that most people are just kinda there, doing their thing. And then people like the OP there just perpetuate the same stupid stereotypes, because it would require work and critical thought to go beyond the superficial reading of the situation.

    • It’s very true that something eye catching is far more likely to be passed around. I guess what irritates me the most is the “shut your mouth” attitude that some people seem to sling around so easily. I think it makes the legitimate people less likely to speak up.

      • The “ew godspouse” crap that I saw a lot of during my first several months as a polytheistic/Lokean/maybe-maybe-not godspouse was part of the reason I said little to nothing about it publicly until I was more or less uh, “encouraged” by Loki to stop hiding it so strongly. By the point I stopped aggressively avoiding drawing attention to the status of my relationship with Him, I’d gained enough confidence, in general, that I stopped giving a fuck if anyone read my stuff and thought I sucked. On the other hand, I am glad I did NOT post a lot of my early flailing and freaking out, because that was the exact kind of stuff I see people point and laugh at, and I don’t need that out there; conversely, I have a fair amount of understanding for WHY people post some of the things they post that are kind of painful to read, so even if I dislike reading it, I don’t find it incomprehensible, or something I feel a mighty need to rant about in (vain) hopes of discouraging people from doing that.

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