Going to Work

My eyes burn from staring at the computer screen too long. I sit back in my chair, rub my eyes, and feel an invisible hug enveloping me. Smiling, I whisper very softly, “Hail Loki!”

The office lights flicker and I know I’m loved, cared for, and I am happy.

Going back to work sucks a little less now that I know He doesn’t mind going too.


Ritual with our Ancestors

I decided I would share the ritual I am going to be leading this Samhain for anyone out there who would like to modify it for their own group or for private practice.

Samhain Ritual

*Circle Casting

Do whatever you feel comfortable with, but I prefer for the first circle: “Protect us from harmful energies, positive, negative, or otherwise. For the second circle: “Protect us from harmful entities, positive, negative, or otherwise. For the third circle: “Keep us from harm.”

*Light incense. I am going to use Sandalwood and Patchouli amongst others.

On my altar are 2 white (or black depending on what I can find) candles.


“I light this candle to honor the Goddess who lifts the veil so that we can see inside ourselves and across time to our beloved ancestors. I ask Her here tonight to be honored and help us honor our beloved dead. “

I light the first candle.

“I light this candle for the God of all thing in between, as our ancestors are between life and life and the turning wheel is between the bloom of summer and the stillness of deep winter. I ask Him here tonight to be honored and help us honor our beloved dead.”

*Quarter Calls

In the North part of the circle:

“I call our willing and protective ancestors from the Northern Woods and Wild Mountains. Please guard and bless this circle with your presence and energies.”

Place a bowl of salt at the north and light a candle at the north point.

At the Eastern part of the circle:

“I call to our willing and protective ancestors form the Eastern lands where the winds of change originate. Please guard and bless this circle and all within with your presence and energies.”

Light more incense and light the candle for this point.

At the Southern part of the circle:

“I call to our willing and protective ancestors from the Southern lands and the fiery realms where our Hearts and Minds were forged. Please guard and protect this circle and all within with your presence and energies.”

Light the candle for this point.

In the Western part of the circle:

“I call to our willing and protective ancestors from the primordial waters of Life and Destruction. Please guard and bless this circle and all within with your presence and energies.”

Light the candle for this point and place the libations bottle near the candle.

The Ritual

At this point I am going to talk about the Celtic New Year and how this begins a time of Shadow work and Introspection.

This is a good time to work on old pain and hurts and allow them to wither and die to make room for new growth in the coming year.

“Lord of things in between and Lady who Lifts the Veil, we ask you to allow us the opportunity to me more aware during the coming year of the wisdom inside ourselves and the wisdom of those who have gone before us.”

Pause here to fill wine glasses the God and Goddess and also for the Ancestors.

“So mote it be.”

*Place mementos of our ancestors on a special altar set up for them*

“Beloved ancestors, we ask your protection and guidance through the coming year. Please whisper your experience in our ears.”

Light any candles you wish for your ancestors.

The next part of the ritual is simple. Go around the circle and tell stories of your beloved dead. Happy stories. Fun stories. Stories that shaped your life. If you are by yourself simply remember your loved ones and how much they meant to you. When I held this ritual we all had cakes and ale at this time. (Snickerdoodles and wine…you know, whatever floats your boat.)

After all of this thank the God and Goddess who has arrived to be honored. I usually never say anything about banishing or dismissing Gods-rude much? They’re Gods. Thank them and they will go or stay as they please. Then I say Hail and Farewell at each quarter. This is usually a less structured moment in ritual for me. I thank the quarter guardians for comings and say something along the lines of, “Go if you must, stay if you will, thank you for your energies and blessings. Hail and Farewell!”

I started this blog post before I actually held the ritual, and I am loath to actually change it based on my experiences, but I will say that during my ritual a glass shattered after the evocation and I was cut just enough that a small drip of blood started up. I had trouble getting it to stop bleeding until the ritual was over. This has led me to believe that any large ancestor ritual might benefit from a blood tie of some kind, but I shall leave this up to the individual how best they might wish to incorporate this kind of offering or tie to the ancestors.


Don’t be stupid because you think you know your friends. Of course, as a gentle reminder: All health concerns should be acknowledged in a group setting. If you want to prick your own finger and add it to your wine or what not when you are solitary, more power to you, but these sorts of practices are not advisable in a large group. Use your best judgment.

All in all I had a lovely evening with this ritual and the Gods and Ancestors were a very strong and powerful presence. It was a good jumping off point for continued honoring of the ancestors at my house as well.

When the Godphone Goes Silent

Sometimes, the God Phone doesn’t ring.

Sometimes we find ourselves alone.

I’ve been realizing Loki is around me, even though I am stressed and not listening. I feel His emotional touch now when before I was getting more imagery and actual talking than emotional input from Him.

I’m just posting this because I think everyone goes through cycles and our mundane life has a real, profound impact on our spiritual life. It isn’t anything we need to fall to pieces over, even if it is important. I have been taking this time to take stock in my life and try to get things flowing smoothly, knowing He is there. My devotional work (writing) is beginning to really take off, where before it wasn’t, but now I’m not having trippy meditation sessions. It’s give and take, I think. If we’re pouring a lot of our own energy into something then it is hard to maintain other aspects of our devotional work at the same level and still make dinner and play with the kids and do work in the community and go to work to make money.

My advice? When the Godphone isn’t ringing…maybe check the e-mail instead. We don’t ever really go fallow, we just get feedback in ways we aren’t as familiar with.

Godphone Question

For anyone who has ever asked me “how do I know it if I am talking to Loki or myself”, here is a really well thought out answer from someone who isn’t me.

Sacred Iceland


I was asked today if I had any advice for people who are seeking the elusive “god phone”. This basically means learning to hear gods and spirits on an internal level, i.e clairaudience. My response ended up being a novel, so I thought I’d just add it as a new post. I hope I don’t anger too many people with some of my opinions. This is just my way of doing things and my philosophy, and should hardly be taken as the end all guidebook.  I wish that I could describe a step-by-step process, but it’s always been kind of an intuitive thing for me ever since I was little. I’ll try to describe it as best I can.

I think one of the hardest things to do in learning to “hear” is learning how to shut down your own ego and expectations when listening. I think sometimes people can…

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Consulting Trophonios

I was extremely pleased to see this pop up in my “reader” section this morning. I’ve always had an interest in the Hellenics, and oracular tradition. Just thought I would pass this along as it is so well researched and written.

A Forest Door

Trophonios is what the Greeks called a heros. Not quite a “hero” in the modern sense of the word, a heros is a sort of demi-god, a divinized human with special powers. Unlike the pan-Hellenic heroes such as Herakles or Theseus, Trophonios was only worshipped in one place: Lebadeia, not far from Delphi in central Greece. At that place, he had an underground oracle, which became quite famous in its day.

This was almost all I knew of Trophonios at the time I became involved with him, several years ago. But for some reason he had been on my mind that spring. I had read a little about the oracle, where questioners would prepare and purify themselves for days before descending into a hole in the earth to encounter him directly. The idea fascinated me, and tugged at me, and I started wondering whether one could approach Trophonios still.

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Craft Basics: Salt as a Grounding Agent Experimental Phase

This morning the experiment with the salt commenced.


Both sea salt and traditionally mined salt act as fast grounding agents after I have been willfully expanding my energy out into the universe. The sea salt, however, when I investigated the feeling of grounding with it did indeed leave me feeling a bit more…fluid and not as solidly stuck as the traditionally mined salt.

What I am extrapolating from this is that I would use the sea salt to ground when I still wanted to be emotionally viable-if I needed to continue work and am only grounding to take a break and regroup, while I would use the traditionally mined salt when I needed to stay grounded or after a large working when I was exhausted.

Who says there is no Science in The Craft?


Craft Basics: Salt as a Grounding Agent

I had an odd thought the other day when I was standing at my kitchen counter with a container of salt in my hand. I like to buy sea salt. I mean, sure, we all need a certain amount of iodide in our diets to keep us from getting weird goiters and stuff, but unless you are one of those down home wonder people who make all of their own food products you’re getting quite enough of that. I was fantasizing about the deep sea divers in their tight little deep sea diving shorts going down to the bottom of the ocean to harvest the salt (…yes, I know that isn’t how it happens, but let me have my day dreams of hot, tan young men) when I had this thought: I’m using Sea Salt to ground.

Everyone knows that salt grounds you. It grounds you because it is a mineral from the ground. My sea salt is not.

So…does sea salt ground you the same way that salt mined from the earth does or not?

I’m not arguing that sea salt does NOT ground a person, I believe it does, but does it do a less efficient job or does it do it in a different way than traditionally mined salt?

My husband posited that sea salt should ground the same way because the oceans are a large force on the planet-and even the Earth moves, just imperceptibly. I’m still undecided. I haven’t noticed a difference, but then again, I’ve never thought to pay attention.

I think an experiment is in order. I bought some good, old regular salt at the store the other day and I’m going to devise a blind test somehow or have my husband do it.

Does anyone have any experience with this or thoughts? I’m curious!