Radiomancy or Loki Likes Electronics

I’ve had a few friends-not pagan-speak of the phenomenon of radiomancy recently. For example-My friend A. had a song stuck in her head all day and she turned the radio on and it was playing at the exact same spot as the song in her head. When it was over the song wasn’t stuck in her head anymore, but she was creeped out. I would see that as a helping hand, myself.

When I was first struggling with the whole-“Holy shit, Loki’s real and he wants to play in my sandbox”-thing I was driving, as I sometimes am, and I was feeling wonky. I would recognize that feeling today as getting a mental tap from Himself, but at the time it just made me feel wonky, so I ignored it and closed myself down harder. I turned the radio on to distract myself and searched randomly through the stations. I stopped when I heard this: “You can’t run from the Gods.” I almost drove my car into a guard rail. Sure, this could be coincidence, but things like this are one HELL Of a coincidence when they happen. I kept listening, morbidly fascinated, and it turns out I had stumbled onto a Christian story hour, of all things, and was hearing a reenactment of the story of Jonah.

You can’t run from the Gods.

At times like that you can’t do much more than say, “Thank you kindly for the reminder.” I wasn’t trying to, but I guess I was. I think it is easier for the disembodied and the incorporeal among us to manipulate electronics, though this wasn’t necessarily a manipulation of the equipment, because they are powered by energy-precisely what the incorporeal ARE. I guess I will come back to this on a different day, but I think it is all extremely interesting.


One thought on “Radiomancy or Loki Likes Electronics

  1. Yeah, the music oracle, or radiomancy, or god roulette, whatever, can be uh, “fun.” It was the first way Loki communicated to me that I recognized as Him communicating to me, and I’ve gone on to keep it an open line as much as I can.

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