Consulting Trophonios

I was extremely pleased to see this pop up in my “reader” section this morning. I’ve always had an interest in the Hellenics, and oracular tradition. Just thought I would pass this along as it is so well researched and written.

A Forest Door

Trophonios is what the Greeks called a heros. Not quite a “hero” in the modern sense of the word, a heros is a sort of demi-god, a divinized human with special powers. Unlike the pan-Hellenic heroes such as Herakles or Theseus, Trophonios was only worshipped in one place: Lebadeia, not far from Delphi in central Greece. At that place, he had an underground oracle, which became quite famous in its day.

This was almost all I knew of Trophonios at the time I became involved with him, several years ago. But for some reason he had been on my mind that spring. I had read a little about the oracle, where questioners would prepare and purify themselves for days before descending into a hole in the earth to encounter him directly. The idea fascinated me, and tugged at me, and I started wondering whether one could approach Trophonios still.

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