When the Godphone Goes Silent

Sometimes, the God Phone doesn’t ring.

Sometimes we find ourselves alone.

I’ve been realizing Loki is around me, even though I am stressed and not listening. I feel His emotional touch now when before I was getting more imagery and actual talking than emotional input from Him.

I’m just posting this because I think everyone goes through cycles and our mundane life has a real, profound impact on our spiritual life. It isn’t anything we need to fall to pieces over, even if it is important. I have been taking this time to take stock in my life and try to get things flowing smoothly, knowing He is there. My devotional work (writing) is beginning to really take off, where before it wasn’t, but now I’m not having trippy meditation sessions. It’s give and take, I think. If we’re pouring a lot of our own energy into something then it is hard to maintain other aspects of our devotional work at the same level and still make dinner and play with the kids and do work in the community and go to work to make money.

My advice? When the Godphone isn’t ringing…maybe check the e-mail instead. We don’t ever really go fallow, we just get feedback in ways we aren’t as familiar with.


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