Sometimes A Cigar is Only A Cigar, and Sometimes Your Blush Is Justified

I’ve posted about this before, and I personally, have done it as well. When we’re dealing with the spirit world, not everything in life that happens is a sign and wonder. Sometimes signs are subtle, true, but there are times when the “coincidences” are so strong we simply know for certain that we are being communicated with and don’t need to guess.  

I think, it is important to remember though that the Gods really are not in control of every aspect of the universe, even if some of them would be perfectly willing to allow us to believe it. This is why sometimes we will get clear signals that a deity is working hard on something for us and it is definitely in the works and then it falls through. Maybe They really did do all that They could and something-some shit happens signal in the universe or our Wyrd or the alignment of the stars wanders in to fuck it all up. When we are fulltrui with a deity or have a Patron deity we sometimes tend to start thinking in terms that our most Beloved are handling things that maybe they aren’t simply because we would like to think that Someone who Loves us is in control of every aspect of every day.

When we seek the divine to CONTROL our own life, and perhaps not to its betterment, instead of IMPROVING our life, that is when we are most likely to find our world turned on its ear, either because we are putting faith into something that isn’t really happening or because our Gods really do know what is best for us. And why? Because what drives control? Fear. Fear of the unknown, and we, as Beloved of the Gods in return are NOT granted this most basic of human elements to the same degree that someone who is not spiritually active is. Fear gets in the way of so much work that we can do with and for the Divine. They smash it the first chance they get.

Sometimes this is another reason our lives end up on their ear, or why sometimes the Gods get us into a good spot and then yank the rug out from under us.

Fear is unacceptable.

Witches aren’t afraid of the dark is a mantra for learning Wiccans. NO individual who works with the Divine or Spirit World can be afraid of the dark, within or without, or it will be exposed, at some point, and dealt with, one way or the other. They work the way They work-sometimes the lessons come kindly and sometimes they come in like a hammer, but it happens. Thankfully, Loki seems to have been content to watch me make a mess of my own life when I was younger and learn my own lessons from my own hand, (Mostly, I think.) so that now I am in a spot where I can do real good in the world in His name and real work on me for MYSELF. I don’t envy anyone going through Trials on behalf of the Gods. Hitting rock bottom hurts no matter how you find yourself there.

 A certain amount of fear is healthy, and keeps us respectful, it’s the overabundance of fear that has to go.

Sometimes Lokeans joke that Loki’s trials tend to be about free love and glitter, but I don’t think this is true. Loki collects souls with broken bits. I think He, perhaps, of all the Gods is aware that when something comes to you broken you can build it up stronger and better with less resistance. We’ve done half the work for Him.

This is something of a jumble, but what I really wanted to lay down today is that fear is limiting, and the need for control is based on our fear.


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