Safety Inside the Community

I would wager there probably aren’t more than 10,000 Lokeans on the planet. There may be more people unknowingly paying homage to or holding council with Himself, but my completely unscientific estimate of people knowingly working with Him lands there. There are lots of blogs and places online for people to gather from what I understand where people can talk about their experiences or read about the experiences of others with Himself and the divine in general, but how much can one share in such a public forum? How do we know who to trust?

It’s hard to know who to trust, even when you are meeting someone face to face. My initial reaction is to trust everyone in the community because we are all on a different version of the same strange journey into the spirit world. I want to trust that everyone I meet will be a good person and try to treat me as well as they can, and I will try to do the same. In doing this, I sometimes forget there are people who are incapable of treating others well or keeping trust. Over and over again I have been shocked at the behavior of some others in the general pagan community-both online and locally-that I would not have ever, not in a million years, expected.

I’m not sure where I am going with this, other than I want to be able to trust people. I really do, but I’ve seen others who are helpful and trusting have absolutely horrid experiences recently. So, if you’re part of the online Lokean community you may want to consider this:

  1. How well do you know a person before you give them identifying information? Someone unbalanced could actually interfere in your real life if they know who you are. There is a reason I’ve kept this blog relatively anonymous. I suppose someone truly dedicated to being a creeper could find out who and where I am without my input .
  2. How much of your energy are you willing to expend on people you don’t know? I am a helpful person and I’ve found myself spending hours thinking about questions I’ve been asked by people I’ve met online and then get back to them. Is this worth my time? I feel it is part of my path to help people, so yes, but for some people maybe not.
  3. If you know someone is unbalanced, it is perhaps best to cease all communication with them. You can try to help someone, but in the end you can’t fix another person. They have to fix their own problems.
  4. If someone makes it clear to you that they don’t want you in their life, be it online or in real life, don’t keep bothering them. What could you possibly have to gain from it?
  5. If someone spews crazy, and I’m not talking UPG but, real, honest to gods CRAZY, tell them you think they need to get help locally and unplug. Protecting yourself is of utmost importance.
  6. We’re a community of magic users, mystics, and shamans-to scratch the tip of the ice burg. We all have varying ethics. Before you toss your own energy in on a working you may want to have a clear understanding of the personal ethics of the other people you are working with, especially if you have never met them face to face.
  7. Practice good common sense. If someone says or does something that gives you pause or sets off your spidey senses in some way you can’t put your finger on, there’s probably a reason for it. Practice common safety. Don’t give out your phone number on first meeting. Don’t give out your address on first meeting. Common sense!

There is a real need to protect ourselves, but how do we do that while not losing our sense of community? I’m sad today, and I just don’t know. I fully intend on continuing to help others and continuing to interact in our online Lokean community and the pagan community at large, but I think I will do so more wary and less likely to share as many personal details as I once did.

Keeping faith with, keeping the trust of, those who have kept yours is important. I believe it affects our wyrd, our souls, every time we break the trust of others. I believe we are making our own lives harder if we do such things, in mundane or magical ways, but ultimately every person still gets to choose their own path. I hope everyone chooses their own best path and it is one of light and love.

All of you please be safe and be well.  




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