God-owned or God-slave?

Interesting thoughts.

Sacred Iceland

For the past few days (ever since I wrote about God-phones actually) I’ve been thinking more deeply about my own concepts of free-will in relation to my personal spiritual growth and challenges. This got me thinking more about people who feel called to be God-slaves, and whether or not there is a distinction between being a God-slave (which I do not identify as) and being God-owned (which I do identify as). Because I sometimes see these terms being used interchangeably, I thought that I’d add my two cents about why I think these two terms can also be mutually exclusive.

First, a little distinction in my terminology: When I say “God-slave” I am talking about someone who has (of their own free will) made an agreement with a God or Spirit of some variety, to do whatever work or actions that being tells them to do when they tell them…

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