A Christian Witch? What the Hell?

So, I’ve been aware, probably since the beginning of my whole adventure into Wicca, that there are Christian Witches. This is probably because the first “witchy” people I ever met were my old, black neighbors when I lived in New Orleans, briefly, but they were also devout Catholics. Who read fortunes and sold good luck charms. 

This is the best explanation I can give to anyone in the pagan community as to what a “Christian Witch” is. There are a lot of people who are shocked to find out they exist. This explanation actually spiraled out of a post I shared on a pagan page on face book.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself what the hell is a Christian Witch here is my answer to your query. This is an In My Opinion kind of thing, as I am definitely not a Christian Witch and have railed here and other places against certain aspects of the religion-but, my understanding of a Christian Witch is that they acknowledge Jesus as a god or a face of the god. A lot of witches, though certainly not all, are Wiccan. Wicca is inherently Monotheistic to begin with. They hold the belief that one divine spirit is approachable through various facets, like those of a gem which get broken down into male and female sides to better fit our view of reality and make the divine more approachable to us. If you believe that each god is their own separate entity and not a part of the divine whole (which is understandable depending on your own real life experiences as mine have lead me away from true Wicca) you are actually a Polytheist. And if you are a Polytheist who believes that believes one god is responsible for everything that happens in your life, for example if you feel that Loki both created the world and gave you life and does all the good things for you then you are henotheistic. And, so if you are witch who is a Polytheist you could easily be misunderstood a Christian witch if you worked with Jesus, and if you only worked with Jesus you could even be henotheistic and seem very much like a regular Christian without really believing in the bible. That’s not to say there aren’t Christians who use witchcraft and just ignore “thou shalt not suffer a witch” (which is really a mistranslation anyway-it is supposed to be poisoner), but I think there are fewer of those than there are witches who are just adherents of Christ and his core teachings of love and acceptance.

So, there are my thoughts on what a Christian Witch is.


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