from a newbie horse

I feel this is good info, really-so, I am reblogging.
I would also like to take a moment to say that this, in part, is why I am extremely hesitant to begin down the road of possessory work. I’ve got trust issues out the wazzu (Yes, my Wazzu.), so I’m not exactly cool with the idea of handing over the controls of my meat wagon.

An Anon Godspouse

Hey everyone.  I’m a new horse, still flailing and confused.  I’m asking Anonspouse here to blog this in their blog for me because my current blog is read by people who don’t quite understand to put it lightly, but I need to get it out there.

Horsing is the term used for housing a spirit, or God, in ones body temporarily. (Hopefully). I’m still new to the general Godphone thing, so when Loki was like “move over I have something to say to this person” I was like simpledog.jpg and shrugged my shoulders and let Him in.  He said what He needed to say then popped out, no harm no foul.

One day, Odin decided to be like “Heeey, you can do that for me too?” And I’m like woah holyshitballsitsodin *hides* but reluctantly agreed.

Now, I’ve read the book A more experienced godspouse recommended and I made sure they…

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