Ask For a Sign, Get a Wonder

I asked Loki for a sign. Any sign would do, that He wanted me to do something in particular that I’d asked if He wanted me to do.

Then I waited. A few days went by. I forgot about asking for a sign for the most part.

Then it happened. Driving home during the evening I saw a full moon rising gracefully from the cityscape. It was snowing, almost a white out, and I watched her rise bone white and gleaming through the near white out conditions and brighter than the purple haze of light pollution I find so comforting in my Winter City. Then she slipped silently up into the cloaking clouds, teasingly slow, while I tried not to wreck while watching this spectacular feat of nature.

Well, I decided maybe that wasn’t a sign, but a coincidence.

Then my computer started acting up and wouldn’t shut down.

So I waited. I waited and waited…and I thought and thought and realized I was being stupid and did what He wanted. Now, He is happily sending me head rushes and tingles, and my computer is merrily working the way it was designed to.

Why don’t I ever pay attention to what He wants the first time?

Advice: Pay attention the first time, for He is the God of fucking your tech, car, and other breakables to get your attention. Also, He directs my attention to such amazing things when He’s trying to get me to pay attention to Him that it seems almost rude to dispute them.


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