Hail to the Queen, Baby

This morning, instead of offering incense to Loki, as I always do, I offered it to myself, on a whim, on a push?

“Hail to me, and that energy inside myself that keeps me going, drives me to be a better person, and wanted to do this work on the mortal plane one more time. Hail to me, writer, mother, lover. Hail to me, beloved of Loki, my sweetest friend. Hail to me.”

And I could feel it. That divine spark of MINE being stoked. I have more energy today in spite of a recent illness. I have more determination. Don’t neglect yourself when you love your Gods. They love You and see your Divine Spark. They see pieces of Their own Divinity in You. We’re mirrors in so many ways. Polished mirrors reflect the light much better.


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