What Do You Want From Me?

If you ever want an exercise in futility, please, sit yourself down, and ask a Divine Being, “What do you want from me?”

You will, most likely, never get a definitive answer, unless you’re Joan of Arc or something. How cool would it be to have your God ask you to suit up and save your country? Or you will get things like…”You’re cute, sweet cheeks, just keep meditating and you might find out. I hang out because I love you. I hang out because you love me. I work with you because I LIKE to work with you.

…there really might not be a great, cataclysmic reason why the Gods chose you. Other than, you know, they like you.

I think it is some deep seated self esteem issues that keep me asking, “Why me?”, when the only answer I ever get is related to love.


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