Lord and Lady

I’ve found that I use the words Lord and Lady as honorifics when dealing with my deities, where perhaps other heathens choose not to. I’ve toyed with the idea of changing this, but in a very integral way I’m driven to refer to Loki as Lord Loki. He’s my Sweetest Friend, but he’s also inhabiting some role in relation to me that demands acknowledgement. It’s in me somewhere, this idea that I should be calling him Lord Loki. Sigyn is a Lady. Angrboda I do not refer to as Lady, but She’s far more wild and primal to me. I call her a Witch, which I also use as a word of deep respect.

I’m not sure where the tendency comes from-the use of Lord and Lady. Maybe my years as a Wiccan? Maybe my innate romanticism? I don’t think it has roots in Christianity and my upbringing because, of course, there is no one to call Lady. Not really.

In any event, I’ve decided to keep it, roll with it, and use it because at the end of the day my practice is mine and I believe the Gods embrace respect with a reflection of respect back to me, and I’ve never felt that I’m doing something “wrong” when interacting with Them and calling them by these words.


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