Ritual of Offering for Himself

Materials: Incense you believe Himself will enjoy, fireproof incense burner, a small glass (decorative or functional), beer, candle (I use a tea light so I can let it burn out and not have it burn all day), candle holder

The Ritual of Offering is something I do daily and has arisen from my own practice. I try to do this, or something similar, every day.  I change it up from time to time, but this is one I particularly found to resonate with me and He seemed very pleased with.

On your altar or an area where you can meditate (preferably on a surface where your burnables will be undisturbed) light the incense. Search outward to your connection with Himself, or if you can’t feel it simply begin.

“Loki, I offer this incense to you as a symbol of my love and devotion to you and our friendship.”

Pour out the beer into the glass reserving at least a small amount for yourself. Try to get a head on the beer because it is nicer that way.

“Loki, I offer you this beer as a symbol of my eternal hospitality to you. You are always welcome in my home and my life. Please share a drink with me.”

At this point I sip the beer I’ve left in the bottle and meditate with him for a few moments. Sometimes I get a vision of us on barstools together and we chat. Sometimes he drinks and strokes my hair. Sometimes we’re just comfortably silent together. If, for some reason, he doesn’t show up I simply meditate on Himself. It happens from time to time.  

When we’re done with our interlude I light the tea candle.

“Loki, I light this candle in your honor. I honor your many great deeds and your many successes. May you always come out ahead.”

I allow the candle to burn out on its own. This isn’t a time for free range meditation for me. If I go back into meditation it is with the specific intent to meditate with Himself and no one else.

Please, do whatever feels right for you during your Ritual of Offering. Feel free to modify it. As for when you should do this, I attempt to do it daily in the morning as I said previously, but if you can only make it once a week or once a month that is what you should do. If He wants you making offerings more often He will probably let you know.

Hail Lord Loki!

Note: If you cannot use incense and candles I suggest swapping out the incense for some other offering that will delight Himself. He loves all sorts of gifts and will enjoy anything that shows true thought. Perhaps you can swap out the candle with an electric candle. He won’t mind at all.


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