Lokean Marriage Conversations: Part “I Can’t Keep Track of My Boys”

Husband: “Loki’s not done with that beer.”

Me: “But it’s old.” I go to dump it out with IRRITATED buzzing going on around the glass. I grump and put it back on the altar.

Husband: “I told you,” husband says, flipping the newspaper to another page without looking at me. I stick out my tongue in a totally adult, professional way.

Me: “Yeah, yeah. Why don’t you two get a room,” I fire back. This is quickly followed by a mental image that I did NOT prepare myself for. I almost choke on the air.

Husband: “What? What just happened?”

Me: “You really, really don’t want to know.”

Husband: “Why? Tell me!”

~*~Whisper, whisper, whisper~*~

Husband: “I’m not doing that,” he frowns and glares daggers at the altar.

Me: “Never say never!”

~*~runs away laughing~*~


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