Dirt Cheap Altar Candles

I wanted to share for any of my fellow practitioners who are also on limited funds. If you travel into your Spanish/Mexican/Southwest section in your local grocer to the place where they have Goya products you will find candles in glass-sometimes with Mary and Jesus on them-but if you dig through the candles there will most likely be white, green, blue, and red ones that are without decoration. They are cheap. Here they are $1.99. They don’t smoke like some cheap candles do. If you only burn them for a short time a day they may last for a month or more OR if you’re like me and you like to burn candles for your deities all day long they last for almost a week. That’s my fantastic, pagan find of the week!


4 thoughts on “Dirt Cheap Altar Candles

    • I’ve tried the dollar store and I have found some that I like, but the main issues I’ve had with some of the cheaper candles is that they smoke even when I take great care to trip the wicks the way you’re supposed to each time you light them. I don’t even have to trim the wicks on these bad boys and I haven’t had any smoking issues. Also, since these are non-scented I don’t have to take the time to be like, “Would Himself really like Lime Pecan Strudel Custard Supreme with Chocolate Sprinkles scent? …Will the mortals in the house?” I can just grab and go.

      Of course, if I could spend any amount of money on these things I wanted I would like to get candles scented with essential oils or made from beeswax or soy or palm wax.

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