Keeping Them At the Forefront

I think the hardest part of my working day is keeping Them-the gods- as a viable, real part of my day. When They’re around it isn’t hard, but some days either they have better things to do or I’m just not that tuned in and then I get bogged down and don’t.

We do little things to keep in tune with the divine when we practice all of the time. Light incense, burn candles, pray, leave offerings, and simply acknowledge Them with Hails or spend time with them in mediation. Another very important element I’m hungering for as part of my day is study. I think if I were reading the Eddas (or whatever-devotional reading can take ALL SORTS of forms) each day, even just a few paragraphs, it would be easier to keep them in mind.

Some of me feels like I’m pulling on my upbringing. I keep picturing my Grandmother plunked down at our kitchen table reading her bible every morning, but on the other hand-sometimes a good idea is just a good idea.

Ponderations. I have them.


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