Family of Choice or The Blood Brothers

“Do you remember, Odin, when in bygone days
we mixed our blood together?
You said you would never drink ale
unless it were brought to both of us.”
-Larrington (1998:86) courtesy of Wikkipedia

Once upon a time, Odin saw Loki in all of His shinning Glory and The Allfather (who probably wasn’t referred to as such yet because Loki came on scene before His wives) decided He needed some of That in His predictable life. We don’t have a reliable timeline, as far as I know, for when Odin lost his eye to gain His all seeingness-and honestly time is a finicky, fickle Bitch anyway-however, I believe it goes something like this: “Wow, I’d like to know everything.” Odin finds a way to know everything (the whole creepy eye loss thing). Knowing everything is boring, and even The Allfather can’t accurately predict what Loki Himself will do next, and what a great relief for Odin some freakin’ spontaneity is.

So, Odin sets out to woo Loki, or in fact, prove that He is worth Loki’s time. He does this not with gifts or promises of power or anything mundane. Odin woos Loki with His solidness and rationality and His great desire to join the divine spark of Leadership and War with Loki’s own spark, and maybe He just Wanted Loki too in a very Personal way. And Loki likes being wanted for Himself. The essence of Himself is very attractive (must we mitigate Love and Longing to speak of the Divine? It would be limiting to do so and no represent reality very well.) Odin has Passion for Loki, and Loki returns the sentiment.

Define Passion:

Sexual passion is about satisfying both mental desires, deep and often unknown until they are painstakingly and sometimes painfully uncovered, while having leg shaking, mind numbing, breath stealing, pleasure zap through your naughty bits. Mental passion is about having someone satisfy and fulfill a need  located primarily in the mind or spirit with joy. For instance, mental passion can be satisfied with a great conversation, someone who enjoys the same hobbies, someone who makes your brain twitch with their wit and spark of personality. One can exist without the other, but the most holistic passion is a duality of both, which the passion for Loki truly was for Odin.

Because Odin has passion for Loki He makes Him the offer (something like this), “Please, join My bloodline. Be my blood brother. I choose you as a member of my family. I will protect you as my own, love you as my own, and keep you always in my thoughts as my own, and I trust you shall do the same.”

And Sweet Wild Loki, in his youthful exuberance, for He and the world we know is was still young, agreed and threw Himself into the offered Kinship. Through the blood bond he drew His Loyalty to Odin. And most of us know Loki will Love even until and through Hate- until He is loved again with His Mortals- so this is no small agreement for Himself. Loki loving Odin was for keeps.

Loki keeps His word.

After their union, Odin and Loki do much scheming for the good of a/All behind closed doors. Loki sweeps away stagnation and the ordinary and together they plan. Odin respects and considers every silvered word dripping from Loki’s tongue, even if in the end He makes a different decision than Loki would prefer. Odin is good with the long game.

In Their love and bond I see the beauty of family of choice. I see the thrill of building a life you truly want to live, but using a support more solid than even a marriage. They joined blood. They chose to become rooted family, or a family linked by something more tolerant and less tenuous than a marriage bond. Due to their joining their energy literally grows in each other and with one another, a mimic of the Great World Tree extending out and into one another. Their blood is the nourishing Water from The Well for one another. Their souls are enmeshed completely by their purposeful act and Will. All of Their wives and loves connecting to One of Them invariably connects in some small way to the energy of the Other.

When I mediate I light a candle for Odin and his Blood Brother Loki. I Hail Them and the energy of Their Bond and respect Their family of choice and Their Love.

In many ways, a family of choice can be more meaningful and tighter knit than birth families. I’m not saying this in any way to diminish our ties to our ancestors, but families can splinter from lack of compatibility and care. When people choose family that choice is based on need and compatibility and a joyful reflection and balance of our best and worst traits. More energy goes into maintaining the bond and therefore the relationship. The fires of passion and friendship forge something entirely unique from that of ancestry. Ancestry is a tide and choice is a tidal wave.

Notes: It is part of my UPG that Loki and Odin do get down from time to time with one another. They’re not human and I believe any version of human morality restricting sexuality to hetero- or homo- or other is kind of a null value with Them.


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