Love Notes from Himself

I was at the local coffee shop where I’ve been doing all of my morning writing before work the other day and I found a book on the table I always sit at. (In so many ways I am a predictable creature of habit.) I was going to just turn the book in to the staff-it was small and the cover wasn’t very interesting- but, I got a mental poke to open it, so I did. The poem wasn’t titled (The work was a random published collection from a local author whose name now escapes me, sadly, and I didn’t write it down.), but I’m considering it a love note.

Walk with me my friend.
I will show you what I’ve seen, where I’ve been.
And in another time
we shall be called
true friends
if we walk together again.

I got shivers. I had one of those moments where I can’t really find a coincidence in what happened and have to acknowledge Himself because the words were so personal to our journey.
❤ My Trickster


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