Jotnar Blood

I’ve been reading Raven Kaldera’s Jotunbok. It’s well worth tracking down the book to read it. The bulk of the book is Kaldera’s UPG and the UPG of others working with the Jotunar, so as always when reading about the work of others with the spirits it is necessary to digest everything with a grain of salt and-for me at least- slowly so I can evaluate it all. The biggest danger in reading a book that is heavily UPG is that the information just becomes THE information you have on the subject, but it strikes me as well thought out and well researched in most of the ways that count. I wish I had a better background in the lore before I’d started reading it because I’m finding myself wanting to research about a million different things because I’m not sure if some of it is UPG or actual lore.

I will admit I haven’t been reading the book through properly. Like any book that includes a chapter about Himself I started there and then jumped around. I will probably make more than one post about the book because there is a lot to think about there. The most intriguing idea I’ve come across so far is one that Kaldera puts forth about the reason the Gods and Loki and His family in particular have been contacting what seems to be a large amount of unprecedented people is because there is more “Jotnar blood” in the world and they’re seeking out those with it. Now, hang with me, because when I first read the words “Jotnar bloodline” the words SCIENCE flashed across my brain in neon letters. Yeah, this isn’t necessarily something that is disregarding science. The whole idea is that at the human’s conception a spirit-in this case a Jotnar spirit- is possessing one of the humans involved either with their knowledge or not to varying degrees and their energy changes the energy of the new life being formed at the conception. It squicks me a bit if a person doesn’t know it is happening, mostly because it seems a bit too close to rape, but it seems like something that could happen.

Kaldera talks about this new, resulting energy infusion or influx or change as “the jotnar bloodline”, but to me it really seems more like being soul touched or soul kissed with new and more energy, and like anything else it isn’t always a good thing. It can imbue the person it happens to with all of the good and bad sides of the Jotnar energy and depending on how involved the spirit was at the conception (full possession or just riding one of the parents a bit) that is how much of the spirit energy mixes into the new human. I found this wildly intriguing and not at all outside the bounds of possibility with what I know from energy work. So many things can effect a life when they’re crossing over to be reborn that believing this could happen is barely even a tiny hurdle for me. Many people claim to be soul touched or have had their soul transformed in a variety of ways with many different energies. I’ve heard of people who believe they have angelic energies and people who’ve had their souls modified in various ways during astral travels. The soul, our spirit selves, are all energy, and energy can be transformed and manipulated far more easily than our physical bodies-at least into a new state. It is far easier to destroy the physical body than transform it.

Of course, I have this tendency, the one that makes it completely impossible for me to be a doctor of any variety, that had me looking for the Jotnar traits in myself and my family that Kaldera went on to list after this discussion about bloodlines. Hot blooded? Yes. My Mother, Grandfather, Brother and I all share major rage issues. My Grandfather, Brother and I are all magically inclined, my Grandfather having been the local dowser in our small backwater town. The list went on and I could find other similarities, so immediately my mind grappled with, “DO I HAVE JOTNAR BLOOD?”. Then I slowed down and laughed at myself. Whatever I am, and I don’t believe my soul to be human, really, I’m not a Jotun. It just doesn’t feel right for me. When I think about it all it isn’t something that rings true even though, yes my family is “weird”. I ran through the list of things that can make someone part of “the bloodline” of etins and there were some huge similarities, but in the end …I don’t know.

Part of the reason I put so much thought into it is because so much of what some of the people had to say about Himself in this book made sense with my own UPG. I know for quite some while I travelled with Loki while he was doing “errands”, often something ambassador like, outside of Asgard, most likely at Odin’s behest. I travelled with him for a great while and very, very occasionally we stayed in Asgard on return trips, but usually not. That begs the question of where we DID stay, but I don’t have many memories of that. Most of my memories are of the fun “on the road” variety. A lot of people talked about how Loki didn’t spend much time inside of Asgard for various reasons, so this jived for me. My husband and I share UPG of meeting in Asgard on one of these rare occasions, and then I left Loki’s party and stayed with my Husband, going with him and his kindred when they left after our first meeting. With my own UPG it actually makes sense that I could have a Jotun spirit-why would I have been travelling with him otherwise?-but, again, it doesn’t feel right. I feel like my soul is more non-sentient universal building block material and considering my ability to mold most energies that makes more sense, but that means that sometime in antiquity my soul sprang up out of the ether?

Not having soul parents would make sense for me, I suppose.

In any event, the idea of Jotun bloodlines lead me down the primrose path of OTHER spirits soul touching the unborn for various reasons (’cause if ONE type of spirit can do it why can’t another?) and I was all…OH, snap. Maybe that is the what is behind some of the upsurge in the numbers of the pagan community at large? People who are soul touched and don’t feel at home in the various monotheistic, established religions, or in their own skins are going out and trying to find themselves.

Essentially, given any amount of truth in this idea of Jotun bloodlines  (which I believe there is) a lot of people are constantly searching for a home they may not find on this plane, place and time. The eternal wanderer imagery is sad, but hopefully in meeting others of the same tendency people can build a home here that they love and feel safe in and allows them to care for and be cared about. Our family is our home, and maybe too that is what the Jotnar were hoping to build for themselves. A home amongst the humans of Midgard.  


One thought on “Jotnar Blood

  1. First of all, I have not read the Jotunbok – for one reason that you’ve mentioned here – being that ‘it’s primarily Kaldera’s own UPG’ one.

    But a lot of your thoughts about your own feelings of ‘place’ do jibe with some of my own thoughts, as well as what you’ve mentioned of Kaldera’s, so I’m thinking that might be reason to take a second look at the Jotunbok.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, as always.

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