The Gods Giving Orders-Or “Things that The Public Associates with Crazy People”

On the issue of deities Ordering people to do stuff: It does happen. I’ve flat out had Loki tell me to do certain things. One, was pack up and get the hell out of my old city. He was like: NOW, you have the money. Go. This week. Right now. And we did, and we found a NICE cheap apartment (minor miracle) in a rundown, but nice neighborhood with super nice neighbors, and yeah-I haven’t found the perfect job yet, but we’re about a million times happier where we were last year at this time, so…the whole idea that sometimes deities order people around…yeah. They do. I’m going to go with about 99% of the time when They (at least Gods you regularly work with and have good exchange with) tell you to do something it’s probably going to be for your own damned good. Probably. Himself seems to be more humanized than the Others do at times. He likes things like a place to sleep and good eats, so He doesn’t seem inclined to forget that I need to. You never know though. At least working with Loki I feel like I’ve always got the option to say no. …He may be displeased and break ALL MY THINGS, but I can say no.

I’m not very inclined to listen to anyone who orders me around and I think a lot of pagan/mystics/ect. live on the edge of society and aren’t people who are easily persuaded to do things for no reason, but we’re also people who are happy communing with the Gods as well. I’m not 100% sure what I’m getting at here, but if Loki “ordered” me to do something I feel confident that it most likely wouldn’t be something outside of my capabilities or desire to deliver, even if  whatever it was isn’t something I could deliver easily or right away….”ordering” implies a lack of desire to cooperate. I look at our interactions with the Gods as a love affair. I WANT to please the Gods I work with or be near them as best I can, even the Ones that scare me. Sometimes people don’t want it-Someone having a vested interest in their lives-and that’s where it gets hairy, but I think sometimes there is a reason why someone is open to this or that deity that they don’t want to work with. Wyrd, for lack of a better word or something in their soul past has tied them to the deity in question, and then sometimes people find themselves in a relationship they perhaps don’t want or understand with a deity, but generally I like to assume (or hope) that They can see the long game better than we can and They do have our best interests at heart.

Sometimes gnosis goes bad, and I would like to acknowledge that. Sometimes a person doesn’t want a connection to a deity and their world starts to fall apart. It happens, and others have talked about it far more eloquently and in depth than I will here. Sometimes as Energy Workers and Spirit Workers we touch energies and spirits that aren’t our Beloveds and these can be horrible experiences. There be monsters here…but, even some of the “monsters” may be someone else’s Beloved, just not mine, and I try to acknowledge that and move on when I encounter something strange spirit wise. I’ve never had to deal with any of these types of spirits trying to attach themselves to me or tell me to do anything though. Not every spirit out there looking for an ear to chatter into is worth listening to.


4 thoughts on “The Gods Giving Orders-Or “Things that The Public Associates with Crazy People”

  1. lovely post, I have a rather demanding Patron, the Goddess Hekate, whom, if I can choose, like you, not to listen to, and then things don’t go too well. Thanks for the reminder to shut up and listen, I do tend to drown myself in noise at times – great blog, have a wonderful day!

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