Tiwaz and Angrboda…Still Contemplating

So, I got a reminder today about the many levels of the meanings of each rune. About a year ago Angrboda drew the rune Tiwaz on my naked abdomen in blood during a meditation session. Her son Fenris was there in his wolf form, smaller than usual, but there. I’m not sure if Himself was around or not, but it didn’t seem so at the time. She came with a warning as well, that everything I do is NOT, in fact, about Himself. Of anyone, this is a Goddess who could speak to me about not getting lost in His flame, keeping myself for ME as well as for Him and the world. This is an idea that has only come to me recently, that perhaps in a way she was protecting me from getting lost in His flame and the other world to the detriment of my life here and now.  

I’ve spent a lot of time considering what this might mean, but I think this was the beginning of my dedication to reaching toward being a more in tune person. In tune with myself and the spirit world and I think that she was sealing the goal, of rising to a higher level of being, into my spirit.

There are so many meanings to the rune. I don’t know that I will ever fully understand what she was doing that night.


2 thoughts on “Tiwaz and Angrboda…Still Contemplating

    • Finding my direction. That’s awesome. I used to want to get an old school map compass between my shoulder blades because I’m constantly trying to find my direction. LoL

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