Whatever Shall We Call 3 AM?

Midnight is the witching hour. There is a lot of mystic surrounding that magic time when our more recent forefathers decided our days should shift from one to another with modern calendars and clocks. Midnight wasn’t always that special time for us as humans. It used to be dusk, something we could perceive with our senses and needed no outside feedback to decipher. Dusk is still an in between time, a special magic time. For the ancient Celts (and maybe others, but alas I’m not well researched enough on the matter) the days started at dusk, which is why so many of the pagan celebrated holidays actually seem to start the night before the day they are scheduled. In any event, whenever it started, this fascination with midnight, it stuck. It’s likely because whenever one thing ends and another begins a temporal doorway is perceived, and perhaps we created one here with our united societal consciousness. A lot of traditional folk spells call for performing the ritual or spellwork at precisely midnight, often at a crossroad for unhexing or hexing spells alike. It’s said one can find their future grave at precisely midnight, though this also is folklore, and as most pre-Industrual era peoples never travelled farther than 30 miles from their place of birth (minus nomads and soldiers), it makes sense that one could reasonably predict their place of burial based on local customs; however, these types of “divination” practices also lend to the general aura of the unusual surrounding the hour.

I’ve said more than once that time is a fickle bitch, and she is. She shifts from place to place and I’m not convinced she always runs in lineal lines, but midnight everywhere seems to be imbued with a special power. Yet, no matter how special and powerful midnight is for spellwork and magic I’ve never perceived the swell of that hour the way I do 3 o’clock in the morn till 4 in the morning. If midnight is the witching hour then 3 a.m. is the oogidy boogidy hour, when all that is discorporeal and set on causing trouble seems to get a boost. Any time I’ve done a house cleansing for others- I tend to get the ghost busting calls – it’s always 3 a.m. where the trouble cranks up. It was 3 a.m. when a fear feeder (that’s all I can really call it because the presence never really identified itself) audibly growled at me (there were other people to witness that one).

So, what is special about 3 in the morning? I’m not really sure if the power of this hour is a function of us or the disembodied. I don’t know if they really get a boost at this time or if we’re just mentally worn down (assuming a “normal” sleep schedule). Most people have had just enough sleep to be functional if awoken at this point in the night, but not be mentally guarded. This is also the time my partner is usually awoken from the dreaming if he’s having a bad night, a night full of doing things on the astral rather than sleeping. And then, of course, I’m getting shaken awake to cleanse the entire house and do protection spell work. So, three a.m. and I have become well acquainted with one another.

I’m not sure if 3 a.m. is the same everywhere. If I moved west would 2 a.m. then be the time when oogidy boogidies came out to play hardest? (I’m on EST here.) For some reason I think not, but I’d be interested to find out if anyone else living in different time zones has experienced this phenomenon.


2 thoughts on “Whatever Shall We Call 3 AM?

  1. I’ve rarely had the presence of mind to check a clock when I’ve been woken for Reasons in the middle of the night, but it happened at approximately the same general “are You kidding me?” hour when I lived in Boston and now that I’m on the West Coast. Sometime between about 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. seems to be a /great/ hour for interesting wake-up calls and dreams/”dreams” with heavily loaded imagery and messages. I suspect in my case, it has to do with when I am at a certain stage of sleep.

    • That’s really interesting. I’ve only ever lived in the East during my adult years, so I haven’t really gotten a chance to compare. You’re probably right about the stage of sleep for the dreams.

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